About Us

It’s no secret that it’s difficult to be a woman in the gaming industry; it’s become a meta circle jerk to even talk about sexism and how it applies to the culture.

Thumbstick Mafia is a partial solution; yes, things have gotten better but we’ve got a long ways to go – in the mean time, what are we going to do about it? We envision TM as a support system and network for black and woc. that mainly focuses on the subculture of gaming as it applies to our intersection of black and minority womanhood. We want to build a space that ensures we can actively participate and grow together.

Joining is easy;

  1. Be a bw or woc who identifies as a gamer.
  2. Be open to connecting with more women gamers and fostering relationships on and offline; this includes talking about everything from gaming to streaming strategy. We want this to be a safe space to encourage and motivate each other.
  3. Age does not matter.
  4. All levels of skill welcome and all game genres welcome.
  5. Be willing to connect, talk to other women, support their streams, check out their content. We’ll get further if we continue to lift each other up. Active participation is a requirement if you are “reppin'” ThumbstickMafia.
  6. Thumbstick Mafia can be found on both consoles – There is an X1 Club and a PSN Community.

We look forward to talking and playing with you.

Want to support what we are doing? Check out our Patreon.

Contact Us: 
Twitter: @thumbstickmafia
Email: TheThumbstickMafia@gmail.com
Founded By: Anastasia aka @chasinglux + @sharkyshood 

Music and Graphics


AnyKey Organization 





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