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#TMPOD S2E6 – Team + Community Building

Copy of Managing and Repurposing Your Content (10)

On S2E5 we discussed vision. This leads right into developing your vision into a community and the importance of Team and Community Building.  We are joined by Special Guest; Undrea of Simply Undrea | an experienced streamer and content creator as well as Brand Ambassador and Community Manager.

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GTA V Cinematic Short by @RoyalZeeXO

For colored girls who pull up on folks when cruising around San Andreas isn’t enough. This cinematic short was created by Miss Zephyr and it’s everything you didn’t know you needed. In this cinematic short, we follow two people as they cruise from the countryside to the city. I’m not sure I can put into words why I like this cinematic short so much. From the music selection, to the video edits, to the random pull up; this cinematic short tugs at a G heartstrings.

I had no clue all this could be done in GTA V’s rockstar editor programs. I appreciate how more and more games are providing tools that allow players to experience the game world through photos and videos. It takes gaming to another level and allows gamers the opportunity to add another layer to their gaming experience.

Yo, this was chill as fuck. Where else can I find her?

Miss Zephyr can be found on the following:




#TMPOD S2E5 – What is your vision?

#TMPOD S2E5 - Exploring your Vision (1)

Welcome back! Sharky and Seek3r invite you to dig a bit deeper on this week’s episode of #TMPOD. We take a step back to discuss and explore the importance of your vision.

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#TMSHARE- Working to Find Each Other!

As previously stated [Twitter thread], Thumbstick Mafia will never be spam/repost account where we just tweet links to various channels from Twitch, Youtube, Mixer,  ::insert your favorite platform:: We want to provide a space where people can truly find content creators that they can rock with, become fans of and possibly support. In our opinion, spamming random links does not cut the mustard and with our background knowledge of marketing and simple examination of our own behaviors as well as observation of others; spamming links rarely works. The click through rate is just not there unless the followers already established a previous relationship with the creator.

One of the solutions we proposed in our most recent Podcast episode [S2E4 – Branding and Re-purposing Your Content] was the tag #TMShare. The purpose of this hashtag is for Black women/ WoC game content creators to share their channel trailers.


What is a Channel Trailer?

A channel trailer is a brief, mostly introductory video about you and your channel. You can share the type of games you like to play, give insight on the type of communities you want build, or even share highlights. You can find more information and tutorials about getting started via YT Creator Academy – here.  

When creating your Channel Trailer on Youtube, please remember to add #TMShare in the description box. If you already have a Trailer up, be sure to add the hashtag.


Why the hashtag?

It will make your content easy to locate (for us) when we’re trying to promote and support your work. If the hashtag is used, it will also be a great way for you to find other content creators within the established community outside of us manually sharing. It makes sense to search and look through the hashtags that you’re using and the community you’re a part of so you can promote each other….no? Yes.


What if I don’t have YT?

If you don’t have a Youtube, hold the tears, if you are on Twitch, you can upload your Channel Trailer there. Once you upload to Twitch, don’t forget to share your trailer on Twitter and use the hashtag #TMShare.  

Also, you have the option of uploading your channel trailer to Twitter, directly. Keep in mind that videos uploaded to Twitter can only be 2:20 mins long. Twitter has made it easier to upload content through their Media Studio which they recently started to roll out. We would advise you to take a look at that option when you have some time as it’s an excellent, useful resource.

On our Thumbstick Mafia YouTube channel, we provide a brief introduction of the new feature and how to activate it on your Twitter profile.

The hashtag #TMSHARE is only to be used in the description of your YT channel trailer and in your initial Twitter/Social Media Post. DO NOT use the hashtag for all of your content.

There are some amazing Black/WoC game content creators out there and we want to do our best to highlight you all the best way possible. Please get the word out about TMShare to other Black/WoC streamers. Tag them, spam their comments and chats, encourage them to create a channel trailer and share it with us.


Thumbstick Tip: Create a twitter post with your channel and all of the links where people can find you. If the links are too long, bitly [Bitly is a resource that allows you to shorten long urls, save and share them. It also has metrics that show the number of clicks that link got, it’s a great tool to use]. Once you’ve created your Channel Trailer and your tweet has been created, pin it to your Twitter profile.


It is a warm introduction to who you are as a content creator and a great welcome to your page. The double whammy is that you’ll be advertising your content, ensuring folks know when and how to find you on the internet.


Happy Creating!


#TMPOD S2E4 – Managing and Re-purposing your Content

Managing and Repurposing Your Content

We’re back and we’re always here with the hotness so, without further delays, we present – #TMPod S2E4 – Managing and Re-purposing Content.  Another week of @sharkyshood and @chasinglux covering a bit more of the business end of things.

This is a continuation of our Series that has been covering the back end business of content creation and broadcasting. Not caught up? No worries, you’re only three episodes behind. You can catch up here: Season 2

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Cooperation Makes It Happen: How The Sims Can Fix Their Representation Issue – Part 2

This is the second and final part to Sharkyshood’s article; Cooperation Makes it Happen: How the SIMS can fix their Representation Issue.  


Working Together

For the Sims team to create a gaming experience that is inclusive of various identities, they should focus on building a system that allows them to work directly with the Sims mod community. When the Sims 3 was released I assumed we were headed in that direction. If you remember, Sims 3 had the awesomeness that was the Sims 3 store. Even tough Sims 3 was a mess for me, one thing was a point toward redemption was The Sims 3 store.

The Sims 3 Store allowed you  to download New Worlds and objects created by the Sims developers by using Simpoints.  In addition to downloading items created by Sim developers you could also download item recolors that were designed by creators in the community. The recolors didn’t require Simpoints. Simpoints could be purchased with real money via microtransactions or you could earn them by participating in daily online tasks such as watching a commercial or taking a survey.

I enjoyed the Sims 3 store because I saw its prospective future as a central location to find custom content. I assumed the recolors was just a small test run and then the store would expand to original meshes and mods.

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Active Support

Diversity is a topic we continue to talk around – yes, we have seen some change – with the advent of movements that hope to bring that conversation to the consumer, as well as turn it inward to the developers, writers, gamers and the Game Industry at large. 

This is not a post debating whether or not diversity is necessary – I’m writing this under the assumption that most readers are aware of the benefits of being inclusive as well as acknowledging that diversity does not mean “insert black woman or man here’.

With that out-of-the-way – I do feel like there needs to be a shift in conversation. We’ve started to instigate change, but now that we have diversity, what do we do with it?

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Thumbstick Fave: Layla and Shemar’s Playhouse

What is Layla and Shemar’s Playhouse?

Layla and Shemar are the next generation of Let’s Players. This channel was created by their Aunt Xmiramira who also creates funny let’s play videosSim content and is the creator of The Black Simmer forum. These little cuties have stolen my heart and they are HILARIOUS. I am extremely happy to see game let’s play videos for kids BY kids. As soon as Squish is old enough to understand and watch let’s play videos, he will be watching this channel.

I truly adored watching this sibling duo interact with each other during their minecraft game-play. There was one scene were Layla was roaming through a dark cave, scared. Shemar was right by his sister’s side saying “There’s nothing to be afraid of.” TOO MUCH CUTE. Then there was another scene where Layla was running away from some invader. Right before she made her great escape, she said “Bye, Felicia. I’m flying. See you when I see you.” BURY ME A G BECAUSE I AM DONE. If you have little ones who are interested in watching Let’s Play videos, then have them checkout Layla and Shemar.

The kiddies definitely need love, too. If you know of any other gaming channels that feature children of color, then shout them out in the comment section.


Our Guest Writer is none other than Thumbstick Mafia’s Co-founder Sharkyshood. You can find her on her website, twitter or whenever she blesses us on stream or YT.
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#TMPOD S2E3 – Diversify Your Platforms #2 + Twitch Affiliate Program

Diversify Your Platforms + Twitch Affliate Program

#TMPOD is byke and we’re finishing off our Diversify your Platforms mini series. If you didn’t catch part 1 of this series, then make sure you listen here.  In Episode 2 we covered Twitch, Youtube Gaming, Beam and Facebook Live. This episode we talk a bit about a few more options for you; Ustream, Hitbox, YouNow and MobCrush.

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