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It’s no secret that it’s difficult to be a woman in the gaming industry; it’s become a meta circle jerk to even talk about sexism and how it applies to the culture.

Thumbstick Mafia is a partial solution; yes, things have gotten better but we’ve got a long ways to go – in the mean time, what are we going to do about it? We envision TM as a support system and network for black and woc. that mainly focuses on the subculture of gaming as it applies to our intersection of black and minority womanhood. We want to build a space that ensures we can actively participate and grow together.


three head 300 purple transparent Thumbstick Mafia is dedicated to promoting diverse women in gaming – we’re happy to introduce a spotlight of gamers, content creators, streamers, developers and members of the industry.  If you would like to see all of the features we have done so far, then click here.



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Thumbstick Mafia podcast was started as a space where Black Women and Women of Color can share their experience within the video game industry. Season one focused on round table discussions where we talked about video games, anime and our experience within game culture. Season two is more focused on helping Black Women and Women of Color learn the basic and set a foundation for creating their own communities within the video game content creation field. Check out all the latest Thumbsitck Mafia Podcasts here


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Looking for Black Women or Women of Color video game content creators? Our creators section is dedicated to sharing the channel trailers of those who live-stream or create video game specific content across various platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Mixer. Take the time to scroll here to find creators you like and would want to support.