Creating a Safe Space for Black Girl Gamers: Black Girl Gamers Pax East Panel

#BGGatPax See you at Pax lovelies!


Thumbstick Mafia Podcast Ep 2 – Versus The Industry

The crew is back with our Special Guest – Simply Undrea; she’s a Brand and Community Manager as well as Content Creator and Steamer and has been featured on !! Our full round table this episode is: Sharkyshood: Twitter  / Twitch  Supadupacurl: Twitter  // Black Girl Gamers Twitter  Simply Undrea: Twitter // Twitch // … Continue reading Thumbstick Mafia Podcast Ep 2 – Versus The Industry

Thumbstick Mafia – The Discourse -Episode 1

On the first official Thumbstick Mafia Podcast, I’m joined by fellow gamers and TM cornerstones: (Sharky Streamer and Content Creator ) @supadupacurl Content Creator and Streamer as well founder of the Black Girl Gamers FB Group We discuss what to expect from TMP, representation behind the scenes, Tommen’s fall from grace, recent changes on twitch … Continue reading Thumbstick Mafia – The Discourse -Episode 1

TM Spotlight: SupaDupaCurl

ThumbstickMafia is dedicated to supporting and promoting diverse women in gaming – we’re happy to introduce a spotlight to gamers, content creators, streamers, developers and members of the industry. This week, we’re excited to introduce another pillar of the Thumbstick Mafia community: SupaDupaCurl In her own words: Hi 🙂 I'm J a.k.a. SupaDupaCurl, I'm a … Continue reading TM Spotlight: SupaDupaCurl