Thumbstick Mafia Now Accepting Clips!

When it comes to our Thumbstick Mafia Twitter account, we are consistently in talks about the best ways to promote Black Women, and Women of Color, video game content creators. When we initially started, we would retweet and shout out Twitch links whenever someone was live. Slowly, we started to notice that the account was … Continue reading Thumbstick Mafia Now Accepting Clips!


Thumbstick Glo Up: The Next Phase of TM

Sharkyshood and I, as you know are very passionate about gaming culture from the perspective black women and woc in the industry. We recently announced our Mid Season break from the Podcast as we would like to take a step back and re-analyze what  the next steps are as our vision is growing and expanding along with the community we support.

Thumbstick Mafia Podcast: Ep 5 – The Black Renaissance

Sharky and Seeker are back! We’re on Episode 5 ya’ll, can you believe it?! On this episode we talk our first impressions of Mafia III, The Park playthrough and the possible Red Dead Redemption teaser. We also touch on the idea of respectability politics in Luke Cage and start building our Halloween Movie List! Our … Continue reading Thumbstick Mafia Podcast: Ep 5 – The Black Renaissance