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Grow Your YouTube/Twitch Audience With Twitter Media Studio

For over two years, I’ve talked about Twitter developing a platform for video creators. They continuously talked about it this mysterious video platform they were creating and you could see the moves they were making when they acquired SnappyTV, Vine and then Periscope. Personally, I was super excited to see what this new video platform … Continue reading Grow Your YouTube/Twitch Audience With Twitter Media Studio

#TMPOD S2E2 – Diversify your Platforms (Transcript)

1 THUMBSTICK MAFIA PODCAST-SEASON 2, EPISODE 2 “DIVERSIFY YOUR PLATFORMS” AIRED: April 23, 2017 Featuring: Seek3r and SharkysHood Download PDF Thumbstick Mafia S2E2-Diversify Your Platforms (TRANSCRIPT) TRANSCRIPT: SEEK3R Um, because then when you’re streaming that much, you don’t have time to explore other games, you don’t have time to live life, what are you talking … Continue reading #TMPOD S2E2 – Diversify your Platforms (Transcript)

Twitch introduces: Creator Camp

On July 24th, Twitch announced Creator Camp via their blog. It is a defined as an initiative to provide streamers and content creators with the tools they need to not only grow, but succeed. The aim is to put all of the resources in one place so there is no time wasted. Creator Camp has already … Continue reading Twitch introduces: Creator Camp

Platform Updates – S3E2 #TMPOD

Every Season, we go over the latest platform updates for the top streaming and content creating platforms to keep you in the loop and following the terms of service.  Being informed of the rules of the platform(s) you use to share and create your content is not only smart, it’s one of the best ways … Continue reading Platform Updates – S3E2 #TMPOD

Promote Your Channel Here!

TMShare is an initiative where we try to find the best ways to highlight the various Black Women/Women of Color video game content creators. It started with us highlighting channel trailers on our Twitter account by using the hashtag TMShare. We have decided to expand this initiative to our website where we will have posts … Continue reading Promote Your Channel Here!

Thumbstick Mafia Now Accepting Clips!

When it comes to our Thumbstick Mafia Twitter account, we are consistently in talks about the best ways to promote Black Women, and Women of Color, video game content creators. When we initially started, we would retweet and shout out Twitch links whenever someone was live. Slowly, we started to notice that the account was … Continue reading Thumbstick Mafia Now Accepting Clips!

From the Desk of Thumbstick Mafia

There are some stories that are being brought to light in the Twitch community of abuse and sexual assault. So far there have been a few and more are expected so, please be cautious in how you navigate twitter + twitch if you have triggers.  We will be making ourselves available via multiple platforms so … Continue reading From the Desk of Thumbstick Mafia