Season 2 Ep. 1 “Content Creation and Revenue Generation” (Transcript)

Sharky: You mean tell me I just can’t record this podcast and video and then throw it up and viola

Seek3r: Throw it up and then go to my youtube settings and just click the dollar sign and then keep it moving


Seek3r: We back. Like that….I got to say that with slightly more enthusiasm. We back.

Sharky: For the 99 and the 2000. Well the 2017

Seek3r: For the 99 and 200. Yea! Gotta hit that like one drop down to the floor twerk real quick. Like “eh!”

Seek3r: But yes we are back. It is the Thumbstick mafia podcast season 2 episode 1

Sharky: Y’all thought we weren’t going to come back.

Seek3r: Yeah I mean to be completely honest. We weren’t even sure. Ok so the cat is just going to start crying. Alright so he wants to be a part of the episode. My cat says, “hello”

Seek3r: but yes we’re back it’s been a few months since last episode we did was our Christmas episode. Holiday episode really um new year new season almost new us. We still aint s*** um but we are back it’s Sharky and seeker I mean you should know us by now.

Sharky: Right, you should know where to find us.
could find me Sharky’s Hood. You can find seeker at “chasinglux” now. I don’t know if you had that change you like I have

Seek3r: I made that change right towards the end of last season um you know cause low-key I’m a secret agent so I have to keep changing my identity so that I wouldn’t get caught up. You know what I mean? so my @’s are changed. I try to consolidate all my social media so I’m chasinglux on everything social media. Make it easier to find it was a little bit sketchy I had different names for everything last season.

Sharky: Yes.

Seek3r: Make it a little easier.

Sharky: Yes a lot easier and then it’s hashtag TMPod and then @thumbstickmafia. Isn’t that our Twitter?

Seek3r: Is what?

Sharky: Isn’t that our Twitter @thumbstickmafia

Seek3r: Yea

Sharky: Ok

Seekr3r: @thumbstickmafia, and the hashtag is, of course, #TMPod and we’ll post all that stuff in the show notes as we usually do. Not that you all be paying any attention to our show notes but yea we do that so Sharky what’s been going on it’s been a few months. Update the folk what you’ve been doing?

Sharky: nothing. Nawl, nawl. Last episode, I did announce that my sister had a baby so I’ve been taking care of my adorable nephew I call him Squish

Seek3r: yeah

Sharky: I’ve been like taking care of him while everybody works so that has been pretty amazing. A couple of… You know if you follow me on Twitter a couple of Sims game play. A couple of- I did a little series called “Adulting.” I think I did that this year, right?

Seek3r: yes

Sharky: Yea

Seek3r: this year and it’s really f**king funny

Sharky: right so you could go on my website www- oh yea I have a website and that’s on You can go there and catch up on the episodes of “Adulting.” I’m on Episode three but I’m working on Episode four now so yeah and that’s pretty much been it on my end.

Seek3r: Also know I’m going to plug she did this uh Sims intro to living single. I’m going to put that shit in the show notes because y’all don’t even know what y’all are missing. Like I saw that shit and I kept going back to it and I was laughing at it for like a good three days like it was so on point it didn’t make any sense. Like how she got all the Sims to actually look like cast and then had everything like sync up so perfectly. Yeah I’m definitely dropping that in the show notes. Sharky, Sharky like fake humble out here. She really do be killing it.

Sharky: Thank you thank you thank you. I don’t know that’s just been my thing like just making my Sims do like just crazy, whatever I can think of just trying to put it into the sim universe because actually playing the game has been heartbreaking but that’s another story. So what have you been up to?

Seek3r: – ah nothing um I kind of had to pull back a little bit at the end of last year. Depression is a hell of a drug. It was you know a little bit difficult toward the end of last year but you know thank the goddess for her mercy. I’m alive and shit. I didn’t die and this year has been I’m pretty dope so far I went to pax. Panelled at Pax. My first Pax. My first panel with the awesome ladies of black girl gamers. That’s dope and then I just been trying to get back into content creation and streaming I started our, an inclusive cause you know y’all mfs can’t be left out of nothing “Y’all Thumbstick Mafia only for women. What about the men? What are we going to do?” so I created “Defenders of Light” which is pretty much you could call it a clan for both PlayStation and for Xbox one so it’s for men and women it doesn’t matter LGBTQIA, whatever. You game. You got thumbs. You need people to play with. Come hang. Only rule is don’t be an asshole that’s about it. So you can search “Defenders of Light” on PlayStation community or on the Xbox one club and you can go ahead and send a request and what else I’ve been doing I’ve been doing the defenders of light overwatch 101 clinics every week that’s been fun but just writing, content creating, trying to get back into the swing of things. You know trying to deal with the expectation that somehow you all think I’m poppin because I went to one event. That’s not true the devil is a lie. I’m still hermit. Still don’t like to go outside so that’s about I think that about wraps it up for me. Haven’t been doing so much fucking usual.

Sharky: I like how you like I haven’t been doing too but I just did like you know a panel at PAX like bih like

Seek3r: man you know but see I don’t want to talk about it too much because we are going to have like a Pax recap show so

Sharky: I get that but it like “I didn’t do too much” just some people be in this game for like years and all they did was just….ooo let me fall back.

Seek3r: Girl and listen it was humbling and it was definitely a blessing and that’s why I feel like I am this way about it because I understand that hey that that really was some like once-in-a-lifetime like amazingness that just happened to me so for me it’s more of like taking in that experience trying to learn as much as I can from it and grow as much as I can from it like versus like hey I want to pass on to pax like for me it’s definitely been an internal confirmation that I am on the right track and that I do need to get back to work and that’s why we back

Seek3r: So we’re all caught up. We not goin’ talking too much. The one thing we not finna do this season is no 2- 3hr episode. Remember I said that so when we have the long episodes don’t come for me but you know we’re going to try to keep it like manageable so you can digest the entire episode like on your way to work or something and not have to like keep keep pressing pause to continue yeah. Today we’re actually wanting to talk to you about content creation and revenue sharing and you know Sharky the Gods is going to go ahead and school y’all’s on some things and me on some things really so I’m going to let her take over

Sharky: Oh my gosh, I got to take over

Seek3r: Ya girl cause you gonna have to start it up. You’re the one with the with the financials and the brain okay I’m just gonna be here asking the questions like “what?”

Sharky: I don’t know how-

Seek3r: girl what you mean?

Sharky: I don’t have anything. I just look at the pieces and I tried to put it together to try to make like a scenario I can play so I can base my- what I’m doing now on a possible future. I’m just trying to plan. I don’t know like one thing that I get concerned about when I talk about stuff like this or when giving advice in general is I don’t want people to look at what I’m saying as the Golden Rule. It’s not a golden rule. There is no follow these steps and you’re guaranteed success. No one can give you those steps. Like no one can tell you what you need for you. All that anybody can do is just show you what’s out there. Explain to you what’s out there. What’s happening right now and make suggestions and it’s always on you to look at all those things and figure out how to place it in your life or in your brand, in your content or whatever you’re trying to do. To best suit you, your needs and what you are trying to do. That’s all that’s ever really about and so my biggest thing is I don’t want to look at it like “she has all the answers” because I don’t. I just want to show you all that there’s something different. There is more that you can do particularly when it comes to game streaming then just sitting in front of your computer 40 hours a week just streaming.

Seek3r: Facts

Sharky: You know so yeah I just kind of want to give that disclaimer

Seek3r: We are not purporting to be experts. We are trying to give you the tools that you need. The tools that we come across so that you can make better decisions for you, your content, and the way you want to present that and possibly you know generate income from that. That’s really what the aim of TMpod, the podcast, is really about it’s really about the cultural insight that you will need to make better decisions versus saying “hey this is the only way” cause there is no one approach to success and what My Success look like may not be what you are success looks like but it doesn’t make it any less valid.

Sharky: You might do the opposite of what I do and then hit it. That’s just how it is. So that’s why I say at the end of the day you have to look within and figure out what’s the greatest path for you.

Seek3r: And I will kick it off with this Persona mess.

Sharky: Woooo

Seek3r: Because I get it but I don’t get it. And it’s 2017 so I don’t know why “Persona” is living in past like this but they have quite a few restrictions. They put out a whole ass press release about asking folks to not stream

Sharky: A whole ass-

Seek3r: A whole ass press release with bullet points, separate parts, everything. They don’t want you to stream spoilers. They didn’t want you to stream, period. If you could avoid it or create videos that have plot points and their reasoning simply was hey you know folks have been waiting a long time for the game – Whose fault is that, Altus? And they don’t want it to be ruined for people but it’s 2017. You can barely be on the timeline at the same time your favorite show is on without spoilers. It’s a really tough thing I feel like their heart is in the right place because they want the game to be enjoyed. Who doesn’t? But you can’t really think that in this age of instant gratification and also with how big streamer culture is and sharing stream culture is that you somehow can put a stop to any sharing. It’s going to happen

Sharky: Correct, but the funny thing is that. After all those bullet points, at the very end it says you can post straight gameplay or have commentary.

Seek3r: Right.

Sharky: So I’m confused. It’s like okay you can’t do this, you can’t do that, but you can post straight gameplay and have commentary. So it’s just it kind of confused me at first because reading like ok just ignore everything we just said

Seek3r: Yeah it was weird because- And I’ll give some of the bullet points. Just so you guys have an idea and I’ll link this, of course, in the show notes. One of the bullet points is no major story spoilers and I’ll leave that to your good judgment. If you need some guidelines avoid showing the ending segments of the first three palaces. While you can show initial interactions with Yusuke, avoid his awakening scene, and that whole deal about THE painting.Also, don’t post anything about a certain student investigator. Then they- right under that said I know I mentioned not showing the end of each palace, but you can grab footage from the Kamoshida boss fight. However, don’t capture video from the other major boss fights. It’s like

Sharky: like what the hell

Seek3r: right in the next Must not focus solely on cutscenes/animated scenes, should prominently feature dungeon crawling/spending time in Tokyo. And then the last bullet point is You can post straight gameplay or have commentary. So if the straight gameplay is a boss fight…

Sharky: Right! It literally contradicts everything they just said in the previous points.

Seek3: Right.

Sharky: Now here is where I am with this cause we were about to talk about this and we were like “you know let’s just hit record.” I am very sensitive when it comes to content creators work and I’m sensitive to people you know following the rules that content creators, you know, set for their work. It’s like you can’t do this then don’t do it. It is what it is. Don’t do it. Don’t buy it. Just don’t. Particularly because with me being a content creator and talking and, you know, chatting and just experiencing what goes on in this field. I see how people like just steal other people’s work. It just- it gets- It’s wild in these internet streets. It’s really wild. People don’t have no respect for other people’s property or intellectual work they just have none. It just it is what it is. They will take it and then monetize it. They will slap their name on it and do whatever the hell they want to your stuff, you know? And then, on top of that, they don’t want to give you credit for it, they don’t to pay you for it, they don’t do nothing. They just want to have the freedom to do whatever they want to do with your stuff. So it’s like on, one hand, I’m like ok look, just follow the rules when it comes to actual video recording, video gameplay. However, you can’t tell nobody how to write about it.

Seek3r: Yea

Sharky: You can’t tell nobody how- that’s one thing I’m just like okay look if I, you know, write an article about it, you know, or whatever. You can’t tell me how to write about the game about my personal opinion or whether I talk about this, that and the other. You can’t tell me how to do that that’s like a movie director or Studios telling you that “ok well yo-

Seek3r: You can’t post a review

Sharky: Exactly. You can’t post a review and if you do you can’t talk about XYZ dadadah. What the hell? Like fall all the way back with that. I think- I don’t think the biggest thing is all well we don’t let people to be spoiled I call b*******

Seek3r: Yea. Again, it’s 2017 you’re asking for an impossible thing. That’s-people have been streaming the game since last week

Sharky: And if people want to be spoiled, who the hell are you to tell somebody they can’t be spoiled?

Seek3r: And that’s the thing. They will have to seek it out. They will have to go to a stream, go to a YouTube channel and there are some people who prefer that experience. They do prefer to have an idea of what the game looks like. Some people will watch an entire game play-through on a stream and then play it or they will watch the stream to decided if they want to play it. So you get into that sketchy thing where it is like, do you really understand streaming culture? Do you understand have gaming culture has evolved because you cannot put these arbitrary restriction on it. I can see you saying “hey don’t stream before the release date.” Valid. You know. Don’t, you know, don’t repost the entire thing online cause that was another point they were asking. Please limit each video to at most 90 minutes long. Things like that I’m kinda like okay I get it but man ain’t nobody doing that.

Sharky: For real but I feel like the bottom line is that they’re concerned that if people watch the game then they’re not going to buy it because there are a lot of people who will just want to watch it because they probably play or seen a Persona 4 gameplay. They probably saw the-

Seek3r: Or watched the Anime.

Sharky: I was just about to say.

Seek3r: And not even interested in playing the game. They are interested in the story. I watched the anime. I’m not going to get the Persona game. I’m not really- No that’s not me but am I going to watch Persona streams? Hell yeah. Am I going to watch every, like literally, every detail? Absolutely.

Sharky: Exactly and that I think is really what’s kinda ticking them off because before it was you had to either play the game to get- to figure out what’s going on. You know. Read about it or you just didn’t know but now that people have that option. They’re like Okay we’re not getting paid off these people because these people aren’t buying our game.

Seek3r: But is there not a value placed on that you have fans that, even if they don’t play the game, they will be willing to spend X amount of time watching it? There has to be some sort of value found in that. I know it’s not dollars but it’s a certain level of retention. When you have a platform that has different multimedia aspects of it. Like anime, manga, game. You can’t necessarily expect all of those things to intersect all of the time. A lot of people who play the games too don’t really necessary watch the show. Any of the series so I think it’s a little bit unfair to separate it that way because you’re still a part of the culture that Persona created.

Sharky: It’s extremely unfair. And I kind of think that goes into a second point that kinda want to make is how- because yeah there’s value in that audience people who just want to watch the game. There is value but people who are looking at it “if I can’t make dollars then it don’t make sense.”

Seek3r: You’re right and I don’t know why I’m acting brand-new like

Sharky: I was just about to say-

Seek3r: I don’t know what it is but I’m just saying you would think that, by now, people would understand that fandoms even when they’re not spending money they’re spending time. They’re defending you. They’re enamoured and endear to your company and your brand. Even if you’re not getting money from them so you know what? When you do release the next Persona movie or you release a backpack or some other gear those are going to be the people that are still there and still excited about your product like if you only thinking about it like well I only care about you if you are going to buy, to spend money to buy, and play the game then s***. I mean what about the other stuff? Can I bring the hours that I watched Persona in and send it to Atlus and be like can you give me a break on this cause I got receipts. I’ve seen all the Personas. I’ve spent doesn’t of hours- Does it equate to however long the game is and can I get a pass on that?

Sharky: You already know what that answer is so

Seek3r: I know

Sharky: We don’t even have to- You already know what that answer is.

Seek3r: Girl, Nah

Sharky: But I do think we are headed into an era, I guess. To where companies/gaming studios are going to start thinking about the people who just, you know, spend hours watching and engaging but don’t necessarily buy for whatever reason. I think we’re headed into product placement.

Seek3r: I see it

Sharky: There, I mean, there has always has been small examples of it in various video games but I think it is going to be a lot bigger now because from where I stand right now I feel that is the only way companies will be able to monetize that audience. I cannot see it any other way and I truly feel like companies aren’t going to be satisfied with streaming culture as a whole until they figure out how to monetize that audience.

Seek3r: And they’re going to because look at the numbers for the streaming sites. If you put all the video game streaming sites numbers together it’s pretty crazy. It’s a really big number and that’s if you put them all together just Twitch alone it’s like the powerhouse and then Facebook live is taking off. They’re definitely going to find a way to do it but I’m nervous about it because I feel like it’s always going to end up impacting the viewer. You know what I mean? In a more negative way. I can see how it’s going to work for the game companies themselves. I don’t know if they’re going to do like a royalties kinda thing, based on gaming population, but it- we’re definitely headed towards a slippery slope and I just hope that they take it easy, at first, because you know you know how things like go 0 to 100 in gaming culture. I hope they are a little bit gentle with how they make that push, at first, because the one thing that will be a huge turnoff is if it becomes this like gaudy thing that you cannot avoid in every single game. There’s definitely games that it worked for and works for like lots of sports games they do it. They do it. It’s really easy because that’s sort of already the environment. I do notice it like here or there with like indie games where they kind of like color the Coke can different color or they’ll move the label but I feel like it’s going to be same way that it is in movies now. Like you see how Power Rangers they have like Power Rangers in all these random ass ads and I personally hate s*** like that. When there’s like sci-fi type movie characters just like in a regular ad for like a Lincoln Town Car like no. I don’t want to see that but I feel like we’re going to get to that place where we going to see video game characters in these commercials and then have it link it back in game.

Sharky: Correct and that’s the whole thing about product placement. It has to be done right and discreetly for it to work. A lot of people miss out on that discrete part like I was watching a reality show and it was a scene where they were in the kitchen, talking about something, and out of nowhere. There was this zoomed in, close up on some Secret deodorant. I’m like “bih, you’re in the kitchen talking about something that’s not hygiene related but we just zoomed in on this deodorant for what reason?” Like what the hell? Could you have not at least scripted a scene to incorporate that deodorant? We just in here in the kitchen, next thing you know, we zooming in on this Secret deodorant. I guess it was Secret. I don’t know. I know it was some damn deodorant. So that’s the one thing about product placement. I’m not completely against it. It has to be done right and discreetly. For me, I stanned the f*** out for “Quantum Break.” I got my entire, damn, life. Don’t get me wrong the story was good. I didn’t play it or whatever but what stood out for me was just looking at the placement of the Microsoft products and then like in one of the major fight sings I saw this huge ass Nissan billboard. Which it really wasn’t out of place, to be honest. It was set in a city. There was billboards. There was lights. There were other signs. I don’t think there were other sponsors but it wasn’t out of place.

Seek3r: Yeah. It was very tastefully done and I played through like maybe an hour of the game and I really enjoyed it and that reminds me I need to go back and finish it. But yea, it’s not really until you brought up the product placement to me in “Quantum Break.” That I took a second. It was so natural and it wasn’t like annoying. It wasn’t “hey, buy this.” It was this is a part of regular life. We are seeing a play out of a snapshot of somebody’s life, in the game, and they have a tablet and they’re drinking soda and they’re walking down the street and there’s a billboard or you know what I mean? It was very natural in a sense that I didn’t even really notice it.

Sharky: And that where I’m hoping we’re headed because the way game developers would have to set it up. They would have to set up a tier payment plan for it. Because it would have to be set up to where the product is an integral part of the game. Meaning the characters use it they talk about it. It’s in the cutscenes. It’s all that. That would be like the most expensive because once it’s integrated it can’t be taken out or they’ll have to go through a hell of a lot work to take it out. That would be the most expensive. A tier below that would be the Nissan in background. Well, I think the Nissan car was a part of it too but with the car not being in it, itself. In the cutscenes and stuff. Just that billboard that would be a tier below and that is something that can be changed with, maybe, an update. So maybe you have a game that can be played throughout- for a couple years. A multiplayer game, whatever. With one single update their billboards, their signs, their background kind of changes. A simple change, so now you don’t see the Nissan now you Coke.

Seek3r: Right

Sharky: Or you see a clothing store or it might even be tailored to the gamer.

Seek3r: Right

Sharky: Cause don’t think they’re asking for this information just to be nice about your gender your age. Don’t think it’s just-

Seek3r: Demographics baby because they are targeting those ads.

Sharky: Don’t think it’s security. It’s simply because one day, I bet money, one day you’re going to pop in your game and you’re gaming experience, what you see, is going to be tailored to the demographics that you put in your profile. That’s why they are clamoring for it. Like on one of my- actually it was Mafia 3. They keep pushing me, keep pushing me to create a My2k account. Just so I can get some silly gun and an outfit but I’m not going to. I don’t want to, you know? But that is why these companies are pushing for you to sign and that’s why they’re so many because that’s where we’re headed.

Seek3r: And then also I’m noticing a lot of games have their own apps now. So they’re drawing information from your phone. From how much you use the app to what do you use the app for. Destiny has an app. Warframe has an app. Pretty much most of the bigger games either have an app directly from the gaming company or there is a third-party app or site that is used either to connect with Gamers to get information, both, or you know just to get information about the game, period. And that’s also another way that they’re getting that information. You log on to your computer they pulling all them cookies, B. They know everything you like and they’re going to use that information like that information doesn’t just go nowhere.

Sharky: And streamers. Yall, I’m sorry. This is just something that y’all are going to have to deal with. You might be listening like man whatever it’s either they’re going to monetize your viewing audience, they going to figure out how to get them coins cause trust and believe. They sit there and go to a company, they can pull up twitch YouTube and say “Look, I have a hundred thousand people watching this live right now and you can have an ad, right here.” Think they won’t.

Seek3r: Oh, girl. They will.

Sharky: Think they won’t
Seek3r: You know they will.

Sharky: And it’s- I feel like it is either that or we are going to have these restrictions. Cause they are going to get their coins

Seek3r: They are going to do whatever they can to get their coins and as always. There’s going to be games that handle it very tastefully and there’s going to be games that, you know, bash you in the face with it.

Sharky: And it going to be, the mistakes oh my gosh, they are going to be horrendous. I can already see it because honestly I don’t think it’s a bad thing because I’m not talking about this as a “oh my gosh this is going to be the end.” It’s not. It’s just…… come on

Seek3: It’s the next step. It’s the next natural evolution in gaming and marketing and advertising because like it or not we are popular culture now and we just have to get used to all of it.

Sharky: And even when it comes to the content creators themselves, the streamers themselves, it’s something they have to think about when it comes to their brand because…. Do I want to? Let’s go on to the next point. Let’s go on. Alright so I guess we can go into the ad revenue and freedom of speech?

Seekr: Oooh, girl. Youtube. Youtube is over party. Let’s talk about that.

Sharky: Ok. So YouTube announced new monetization guidelines. This actually happened last year in September 2016

Seek3r: And if you were listening to this last season, Sharky had already gone over this s*** but y’all don’t be listenin’ Go ahead.

Sharky: Right. It resulted into this whole YouTube is over party because- let me see if I can pull up the guidelines because in the guidelines YouTubers was pretty much like “look just not goin’ be slapping ads and monetizing any and everything like before. Because before I’m going to tell you right the hell now. Creators had it lucky before.

Seek3r: It was easy before.

Sharky: Before it was easy. You slapped up anything. If it got clicks, it got paid. Then they had to scale it back to where it wasn’t so much based on clicks but like the quality of the videos. So now it’s more so based on views. You get the clicks but you also get the views meaning people actually watched your content. They didn’t just drop off. They actually watched and it led them to other content to watch you got paid. But now advertisers- I’m not sure if- I don’t know I just have a hard time believing that they are just now realizing this and I have this thing to where something seems just so obvious to me that I make the mistake of assuming that it’s obvious to other people but now companies have realized that their brands have been attached to content that this ain’t been to kosher. To some extremist, racist, you name it content. So let’s see late February around March YouTube- Actually they made the announcement about in September. February/ Marc, they actually started to enforce it. When they enforced it, content creators were like “oh my gosh this is- they’re messing with my freedom of speech. I’m not going to censor myself for YouTube.” m*********** ain’t nobody asking you to censor yourself. m*********** this ain’t a free speech violation. They’re telling you that sponsors don’t want your content associated with their brand and they are not going to pay for it and we’re going to listen to the people who are paying us. Because guess what? They are the ones who are writing our checks. Not you. The person with the money talks.

Seek3r: Right

Sharky: So brewhaha to now companies have actually pulled- pulled money. Not just small companies.

Seek3r: Like real money

Sharky: Real, real money. We’re talking- let’s see. Let me go ahead and run the receipts cause….whew. Audi, Heinz

Seek3r: Heinz, too?

Sharky: Yes. Honda, Heinz, L’oreal, McDonald’s, AT&T, Dish

Seek3r: The real money. That’s that “get out of my Caucasian house” money.

Sharky: Johnson & Johnson

Seek3r: Wow. Yea, the game is going to change.

Sharky: My nigga, Walmart. Fam you got Walmart not sponsoring-

Seek3r: Even Walmart not with the s*** and Walmart is with every s***. So I really don’t understand. You know what? I’m low-key proud of them, right now. Low-key.

Sharky: Walmart sponsors the f***-s***

Seek3r: I’m telling you. They usually have the cash in hand. Giving it over to the f***-s***. Alright, I see you Wal-mart. So you mean to tell me- These are the people that are writing checks that will pay YouTube and the content creators. I’m going to be honest. I don’t disagree with the companies

Seek3r: I don’t either

Sharky: You’re not going to attach what I built to some f*** s*** I don’t agree with. It’s plain and simple and I’m not sure where content creators got it in their head that just because they have the influence- no, just because they have the popularity then that automatically means people are going to want to attach their brand. No let me rephrase that. That everybody is going to want to attach their brand to your s*** just because you have an audience. That’s not the case. That has never been the case.

Seek3r: It’s never been the case but YouTube allowed a culture in which high-level YouTubers got this crazy sense of entitlement because it took so long, in my opinion, to sort of start creating these rules and forcing them. It was really easy. It was really easy and no tea no shade a lot of people made it only because it was that easy. So now with these restrictions with these rules with they’re being like “oh wait, I can’t just do anything and then have like a big name add on me, but like I have X amount of views. I have X amount of subscribers.” Okay but still a no. I feel like it’s almost like, you know what I mean, that entitlement. It’s not even that content creators- I feel like most of the backlash I’m seeing are from people who are like “Ooh, you are messing up my money. I won’t be able to have money now” or “you’re taking away my freedom of speech.” It’s like make better content. Make content that follows some guidelines if you want to work with a certain level of branding. Like you can’t have it both ways because think of any celebrity, any influencer out in the real world. Outside of content creating. When they are representing a brand, when they are even wearing a brand, you know. There is a certain level of decorum. There are things that are expected of them. So for you to be a YouTuber, a content creator and this is how you make your money or how you would like to make your money. For you to be like there won’t be any rules. That you should still have like high-level ads. When these companies have spent decades, if not more than that. Building their brand awareness and building their reputation. That’s completely f***ing unfair. Like who the f*** are you? That’s how I think about it.

Sharky: And it’s forcing and I feel like I’ve said this before so deja vu moment. It’s forcing content creators to do the work they should have been doing all along. Which is tailoring their content to fit themselves, cultivate an audience and then finding sponsors. Actually doing the work, going out, or putting kits together or figuring out which sponsors fit with that brand they have built

Seek3r: Right and targeting them directly

Sharky: Exactly. Just because you don’t have the free for all access anymore to any and every brands. That doesn’t mean you can’t still make money. What you have to do now is figure out okay well which companies align with what I am creating. Because there are a lot of companies that will attach their name to some f*** s***. They have no scruples. They are like “you got the audience, we are going to give you the money” because they have no freaking scruples. If y’all align, bang have the hell at it.
Seek3r: But you know what? That would take initiative. That will take research. That will take outreach. That would take work.

Sharky: You mean tell me I just can’t record this podcast and video and then throw it up and viola

Seek3r: Throw it up and then go to my youtube settings and just click the dollar sign and keep it moving

Sharky: That’s not even meant to be shade or anything but I’m just kind of …… People love treating this as a hobby, which it can be but these are small businesses now. Plain and simple. Once you start talking about you’re making your livelihood off this it’s time to buckle down and start putting on your business hats. It’s just that plain and simple and adjusting accordingly like you don’t have to completely change who you are. You don’t. It’s just with the full understanding that- and you know maybe because I’m part of a marginalized group because this is always been my life. It’s always been my life. It means you have to tone some stuff down to get what you want. That “hey if I act this way then guess what XYZ dadadah not going to f*** with me.” It is what the f*** it is. Either I am going to do this or I’m going to do that.

Seek3r: Right

Sharky: You know?

Seek3r: And I think people see themselves as diminishing themselves and in all honesty there are platforms and are ways for you to be unabashedly yourself and not have it affect your money. Like Youtube is great and you can create your content you. You can create your content and have your targeted ads and if you want to act a fool on Twitter then go ahead and act a fool on Twitter. If you want to- if you’re gaming and you want to stream like act a fool on your stream. If you want. Get that recorded video that stays up there and remove it from your profile and make sure that only your actual proper content. If you are going to be using it as a business, not as a hobby, then there are rules. I mean a lot of us have worked and work in places where there are things about our job that we do not like. It does not mean that we don’t appreciate our jobs, love our jobs, or good at our jobs or even like to see some changes but it means like hey there are f****** rules and I feel like a lot of people approach content creating like especially after coming out of the traditional work force they kind of balls to the wall it. Like imma do whatever I want, Imma say whatever I want and everything good in life should happen to me anyway. And that’s just simply not how the world works on an interpersonal level so you can’t even really expect it to work like that on a business level. You’re not owed anything and brands who have millions and even billions of dollars to throw behind things I mean you think they’re going to give it to you who can’t show any measure of growth or movement, on a point, vs someone who has it all together. Who is going to get those videos, promote their products properly, who they can trust to represent their brand outside of that one video

Sharky: I had to stand up real quick because I just got my entire life off of what you just said and please don’t think your ass is too big to get f***ing booted…… PewDiePie.

Seek3r: Get your life.

Sharky: Don’t think your ass is too big that you will not m*****f****ing get booted

Seek3r:That was crazy

Sharky: That mother f***** when I heard. When I read- well you know I didn’t even read what happened. People were retweeting it because I don’t keep up with the m*****f****er

Seek3r: Real.

Sharky: And somebody retweeted what he said and I’m like “m*****f****er do you realize your boss is Walt Disney.” I’m like I’m sitting here like you f****** idiot do you not realize your boss is Walt Disney. Not only we talking about Mickey Mouse, happy family. Of course he said controversial s***. I’m not even talking about that. The m*****f****er Walt Disney, himself, has been accused of being an anti-semite. They have been trying to wash that from history.

Seek3r: For years.

Sharky: The fact that he is anti-semite and racist. Why would you attach that shit to a Walt Disney brand when they are trying to scrub that record clean? Why would you do that and this is what I’m saying you have to think about this as a business because you have to heavily consider who the f*** is cutting your checks and what they represent and whether you align with their overall goal and what they’re trying to build and if you don’t they will boot your ass.

Seek3r: Without hesitation. Without severance and you will literally not be able to work in this town again. And I’m not saying that as a joke. Like literally because after you get fired by Disney, then what?

Sharky: I’m pretty sure he’s going to do f***king well, afterwards. I’m just so used to certain people falling up.

Seek3r: Yea, I’m sure he is going to do well, afterwards but there is going to be that certain thing of “well, you know how he is like this s*** might go left.” So yeah there’s going to be some people that rock behind him because he doesn’t look like me he looks like him.

Sharky: Yea, thank you.

Seek3r: So he is going to find still a lane for success but the trajectory that he was on

Sharky: Skrt, Skrt

Seek3r: I think the falls from grace are always like- it’s painful in a way to watch because you, as a fellow content creator, and as a fellow streamer. It does my heart good to see that streamers and content creators can make it to a certain level. It’s not necessarily what I want for myself but I like seeing you know you new ways and new lanes being made open and different ways in which you can get into the industry, to do content creating. So for me it was like “dang homie, you f***** up.

Sharky: f***** up

Seek3r: You really f***** up because you were really out here showing the young ones how to do it and now you got kicked out of the Garden of Eden like you still goin’ make it but you’re not you’re no longer on that Rising Star trajectory. You’re no longer the face of what a successful streamer and content creator looks like.


Sharky: And just in 2016 he was the highest paid YouTuber with $15 million, m*****f****er

Seek3r: New year, new me girl. That’s what that is. Like because that was a day. That was a day on Twitter like holy s***

Sharky: I truly I don’t pay attention to him and after this I probably will never mention him again. I just hope he’s learned from that

Seek3r: yeah me too and it’s definitely not like “haha you fell from Grace.” Like, bro. You fell from grace. You could probably turn this around again because you look like you and you don’t look like me. You could probably turn this around just like sometimes you just got to shut the f****** man. Like that s*** is free. You don’t have to pay for it. You don’t have to spend like just sometimes all the weird, crazy, messed up stuff that you think you just gotta like Kiki with your friend in the Gchat, in the morning. You don’t need to like post that or say that s*** out loud at a press conference or nothing. That’s the s*** that you say- you think in your head and you just look over at your homegirl and smile and you like “I know you know what I’m thinking. This shit is wack.” But, you know what I mean, you can get your job done. Like any other job.

Sharky: Yup and if you can’t, then maybe you aren’t as good as you think you are.

Seek3r: Boom

Sharky: but anywho because I don’t even want to

Seek3r: We’re trying to keep this as shade free as possible

Sharky: These companies they finally knocking down door. I kind of said this last year but I’m telling y’all now.

Seek3r: mmhm. Sharky the prophet.

Sharky: They coming in slammin down the door saying “I did not come to play with you hoes. I came to slay.”

Seek3r: I came to take my money back

Sharky: I was just about to say “take my money back.”

Seek3r: And y’all can go back to y’all regular lives

Sharky: And I also want people because the Twitch streamers be sitting there – I swear anytime something happens on YouTube, Twitch streamers be like “oh, All this happen on YouTube.”

Seek3r: They be on their own bull.

Sharky: Act like this s*** ain’t go happen to y’all. The only reason why Twitch aint being looked at is because their partnership program is exclusive to a small percentage of people and for people in the streaming culture because I don’t I would like for Twitch to open up their partnership program to everybody to where people can’t get paid off like that AdSense get the little pennies from that or whatever. But I also-

Seek3r: Yeah but they’re not going to because if you can have pretty much unpaid interns constantly creating content for free. I mean we cool with it and we’re not complaining about it to the point with their business and bottom line is not being effective then I guess

Sharky: right but my whole thing is I- yea you are right. It is what it is whatever floats your boat but my whole thing is that. Yea I want them to open it up but I also understand that comes with that.

Seek3r: Yes. It’s a lot of responsibility.

Sharky: Thank you. Content creators think they can just do whatever, like we were saying earlier, and you can’t. If the monetization is open up to everybody in twitch that’s going to change what you’re able to do in streams.

Seek3r: Yea

Sharky: You will not, if you want to have a little ad button so that you can monetize that means you can’t be playing music. You can’t be doing that. The little clips and stuff that you be wanting to share for down time or whatever. That’s of another show. Yeah you can’t do that. Like it comes with a whole set of responsibilities that you have to uphold or sponsors will pull their money and you will not get paid and twitch will not get paid and you best believe it will be a cold day in Hell before twitch allows y’all to drag them down. It’s like yall not going to get paid before we don’t get paid

Seek3r: The only people that drag us down is us, okay. Y’all not gon’ do this. The other thing that I want to ride off your point is that, also, a lot of people on Twitch, in particular, I noticed. They sort of see the partnership program as this thing they have to achieve but they have no idea what it means or what to do or they don’t have a plan of action once they get it because I have seen people streams decline and then eventually not being a streamer anymore because after being partner. Not because they’re stream isn’t good anymore but because if you’re not partnered but you’re not elevating you’re not showing any growth. Like there is an expectation there. When I go into a stream, as somebody that has that subscribe button, fam your better wow me. I better come in here, there better be some funny shit, you better be engaging but you be playing good or something. You got to have something going on for me because it’s nothing to click the “X” and go back to somebody else’s stream. So the expectation I have coming from a viewers perspective is high as hell when you have a subscribe button. Now I don’t want to hear no b******* I don’t want to see no toxic chat. If your chat is all literally emo spam I’m out of there and I feel like some people don’t realize to whom much is given much is required. When you do get elevated. When you are sponsored when you do get the subscribe button. When you are working with friends you do have to elevate yourself a little bit too. You can’t sustain that same space. It’s just not going to work. You have to be thinking about what’s your next step. Okay, if your goal is to be partnered. After you get partnered, what’s the goal after that? What are we going to turn partnership into like partnership can’t be the end of your plan.

Sharky: And I don’t think a lot of people think beyond that. Honestly I just think the whole thing is just like “ok well partnership then sponsors.” What? It almost reads like A+1= Square

Seek3r: Step 1: Steal the socks. Step 2: ??? Step 3: profit. That really what it is. Like steal the underwear and all the socks. That’s really it. So it’s that middle step where it is like ??? It’s like nawl we need to get those question marks filled out and then too. I think a lot of people, when they have been content creating for a long time, they don’t realize how stagnant they are because they’re not taking breaks.They’re not going back and reviewing their content and looking at it from a viewer’s perspective. They’re just putting shit out and you gotta take that step back and analyze. that You gotta be like these last couple of videos have been wild boring. Let me just go live life a little bit. And there are some people who can do it yes back to back but for lots of people you need to live a little bit of life and that’s part of the bad and the down side of you know the twitch hustle for like content creating and streaming too because you get so caught up in the numbers game and so caught up in the dangling carrot of partnership that you’re not actually working on the quality of your content and you’re not working on your content as a whole like when you’re looking at your stream or you’re looking at your videos you should be able to see progress you should be able to see like oh hey I like when I did that or I didn’t like when I did that I’m going to do that differently. You have to be able to analyze reflect and grow by yourself not necessarily waiting for somebody to tell you like hey you should do this or you should do that. Don’t get me wrong you should have a team of people that you trust like around you. To give you feedback but also take a step back and look for yourself. Think about what you want from content creation. What you expect from your streams and look at your s*** and sometimes it hurts like sometimes I look back at my streams and some of the early ones and that s*** hurts my feelings I’m like girl what was you doing? But it made me better and taking breaks. People don’t like taking breaks but taking a breather at the end of last year and coming back. It made me even better be able to engage differently I took time off to think about my approach to streaming because that 40 hours a week s*** was not popping for me. I can’t work like that. So you have to find what works for you and then also not just be caught up in the “oh I wanna be partner. I wanna be partner I’ve been streaming for 2 years. I get 13 views every week, every time I stream I don’t know why I won’t get partner.” Sending the partnership application over and over again like just relax create content have fun think about what you want to do like long term is very important. Sharky’s been telling you that since season 2. Now I’m telling you that, see.

Sharky: Cause I really do think people are being really small minded with it, to be frank. Being real small minded because it’s like “oh yeah let me get the partner and then I get sponsors and then I have officially made it.” Do you know what getting in that door can take you?

Seek3r: Like give me a peek behind the curtain so I can go off

Sharky: You can do darn near anything. You can set yourself up to where if you want to say I don’t even want to stream anymore. I want to do this. You can set up to where you have connections to do other stuff that you probably have found a bigger passion for or something like that like there is no limit to this you just have to give yourselves the opportunity to see what that something else is

Seek3r: and we’re here to help

Sharky: Yeah

Seek3r: We’re here to help people. We believe in you. You do not need to stream 45 hours a week and put out 35 videos. You don’t

Sharky: like if that’s how you get your kicks

Seek3r: if you like sure but that’s not the blueprint.

Sharky: you like it, I love it. I’ve seen- I feel like it’s the unspoken thing. People are pushing themselves to do this because they feel like this is the way to go. This is what I have – it’s not because I enjoy it. I’m tired of y’all m*****f***** lyin’

Seek3r: Part of it is the cultist bleep purple crew. Where it’s like “you just gotta stream as much as you can. Just stream as much as you can and you’ll get it.” Nawl, I’m good. I be tired. I like sandwiches. I can’t do that all the time.

Sharky: “I’m just doing it for the fun of it but omg I can’t get partnership. What? But I’m just doing it for the fun of it. None of that matters. But I can’t get partnership. I can’t get sponsors, but I’m just doing it for the- y’all are so f**king conflicted. If you for the money, m*****f***er say you for the money. That why I will know-

Seek3r: They’re not conflicted. They’re lying because, honestly, everybody wants to start acting like content creating is this like- I compare it to writing like again no shade and I might end up dragging myself into this. Like as a writer, right. A lot of people say they write and they want to write and they do write but don’t. It’s like the same thing with content creation where because it’s this creative avenue that’s like new and it doesn’t have as many rules. It’s easy to be like “hey I’m a content creator. This is what I do: but the actual thought that it will go into putting a book together or putting an essay together. Putting an anthology together. You don’t got it. You don’t want that. You want the reverence that comes with identifying as a writer. So I feel it’s the same with this, content creating. With streamer culture, you want to be identified as being influential and being like on the ball of this emerging culture but really and truly you’re caught up in the numbers and you’re caught up in the money and it’s not just about the content it’s a hustle for you. Just like how podcasts are hustle now like everything that used to be your only the weird creative people do that shit. Everybody’s doing it now and kinda tryna lie about the reasons why and it’s okay to be like hey I’m good at this I’m hustlin. You ain’t gotta lie Craig.

Sharky: Thank you.

Seek3r: We know the deal. We know the jig. Like of course it’s fun. If you’re good at content creating and if you love games and you love gaming with people like of course it’s going to be fun but let’s not pretend on the back end that we not all checking our numbers to see or that it doesn’t hurt when you only streaming to one person or you thought you had a bomb ass video but it ain’t get no spins. Let’s be honest about, you know what I mean, the back end of it and I hate when people lie about that s*** like “oh I don’t even care about getting subscribed.” Yea you don’t care about getting your sub button and that’s why you stream 4 different times a day everyday. Come on. Don’t play with me. Like let’s just be honest and if you are going to treat it like a hustle then apply business rules because it is a business. You can’t have the carefreeness of “oh, it’s art” and then want the business to just somehow fall into line with what you want and what you’re doing. You are joining an industry and you need to fall in line with what the industry is doing not the other way around

Sharky: And that’s kind of what frustrates me the most because I can’t work with someone that’s blatantly lying to my face.

Seek3r: I’m not doing that s***.

Sharky: You’re telling me it’s just for the fun. It’s just just just or whatever but yet you’re complaining about XYZ doing this and that and getting big and why am I not there. But I thought-


Seek3r: right and measuring your success against others. Another thing. Can I touch on a real point real quick? Right quick, side bare. I’m really annoyed by people who asked you questions about what you’re doing and how you did something like podcast, streaming or whatever. Not because they’re genuinely interested but really because they’re trying to measure your success against their lack and it’s very obvious when people are doing that because it does come off as “well why you and not me?”

Sharky: Girl

Seek3r: and the thing is, going back to what I said before, our successes don’t look the same. For you, success might mean a sub button. That s*** is not success for me. I don’t want that s*** personally. Me personally I’m good on that. So I dislike this emerging thing that’s been happening it’s been happening to me a lot after Paxs because y’all don’t f***ed up and thought I was some authority and that I can give you all this high level type of advice like somehow I was going to help all y’all make it. No. All I’m going to do is continue to tell you what I’ve been doing and how I use that to make it work for me. You need to figure out what works for you. Don’t try to use my blueprints to build your house. You have to find out what works for you and honestly you’re not really going to be successful or understand what success means to you if you keep measuring it against other people and you keep being envious of other people

Sharky: Now I- the sub button I don’t- it’s a measuring point, for me. It means that I gained this level

Seek3r: Of influence

Sharky: Yea,I don’t know. I don’t want to call it “influence.” Popularity. Cause there is a difference between influence and popularity but that’s another story. It’s like a marker, for me because I’ma tell you right now. I’m going to tell y’all right here exactly what the f*** I want out of all of this.

Seek3r: Claim it.

Sharky:I want influence and money that’s what I want.

Seek3r: Yes
Sharky: That what the f*** I want. I want influence and money. I want to create dope s*** that makes me laugh. I want to put my people on. If I f*** with you- I want to be able to put my people on. I want to be able to take care of myself and if I see somebody and I f**** with them and I f****** what they work with then I want to be like look come on over here. Come over on the winning team hoe and put you the f*** on and help you figure out- help you figure out the best route for you to get to wherever you want to be because you might not want to be where I am you might want the super the popularity and you might not want as much as the influence and background work. You might not want to deal with that but you might want to be popular and to deal with the glamour. If you want that, fine booboo. Let’s go ahead and help you figure out where you want to be. What you see for yourself

Seek3r: And I’m right there with you. When I was at Pax, I made a statement and I’ve been saying it ever since. I said I want to be the Great Gatsby of this s*** without the tragic love story. Ialready found love, okay. So I want to be able to show up at events, every once and awhile. They be like “yo, is that Anastasia? Anastasia came out?” but if anybody my community needs me, they can pick up the phone and be like”aye yo, I need help with this stream setup.” Yeah sure I can do that for you. I can put you in contact with all of the people that can help you with that. I can give you help. I can analyze. I can do whatever you need to help. What you want but me personally I’m not a in front of the camera type person. I’m just not. I don’t want it for myself. I understand that you do need a certain level of popularity to start gaining that influence and unfortunately that’s where I am right now but I can’t wait for when I can really like fall all the way back and just push everybody else that I’m rocking with to the front and be like hey I’m doing all of this so that when I say go check out this person or go look at this person you know for a fact like “yo, Seek3r not going to lie to me.” If Seek3r make a recommendation you better get your ass on that. Like that person’s about to be bomb. That’s what I want. I want to be able to do that for others and again unfortunately I realize that I have to be out in front of the camera now for a little bit but I’m waiting for the fall back I’m ready for it. I know you are too.

Sharky: I just want to be on when I want to be on and then be able to fall back when I want to fall back because being on when I say on I mean what people see you know like I guess the glamour

Seek3r: The community

Sharky: Yea, all that. I want to be on and I want to fallback.

Seek3r: And the other thing is we have other things we have other plans other dreams other aspirations. So the fallback is not- it’s a fall back from this but it’s a fall into other dreams that might be bigger or smaller but there’s time for everything. You know what I mean? And when we get to the point that I want us to get to, we won’t need to be on this s*** a hundred percent of the time. We won’t because the community we would have built would have been self-sustaining and be able to manage you know what I mean without that constant like we don’t want a community of people that are relying on us for every single little thing. We want to help create self-sufficiency. Again, we want to give you information that allow you to make better decisions and if you need us you can find us. We be here but I’m not trying to be in your face all the time. I don’t have time for that.

Sharky: Yea. So we might as well go ahead and wrap up this episode right here


Seek3r: We do. We really covered everything. Look at us.

Sharky: Yes.

Seek3r: I’m so proud. Alright so we actually made it to a not 2 Hour episode for the first episode. So I’m super proud of us. The only thing I can say is we back like we never left. And you already know where to find us. Chasinglux, for me on all social media and the website. We’re going to start, since it’s new season, we’re also going to start throwing up more game culture articles. We are going to have more features coming and I’m not sure how long we’re going to do this season for. We’ll see. It’s a surprise. We will surprise you guys like we did last year. Where we were like “actually this is the last episode of this season. So thank you so much for all the well wishes. All of the “yo what’s up? When the f*** are yall coming back?” Thank you for all the love, all the spins lately on the “How’s your favorite podcast” hashtag. We really appreciate and love you guys and hope we can continue to make dope content that you enjoy.


Seek3r: You not gon’ say nothing after that?

Sharky: No I was just gon’ end it because it would’ve been awkward to say something so I was just gon’ end it. I really was about to hit that “stop record.”

Seek3r: Drop mic. Alright, let’s drop the mic on them real quick. Bye y’all.