We've been MIA for a while - re-organizing and planning our next moves. We realized we needed to give you all some time to catch up with Season 2 of the podcast before we completely moved on into Season 3 -


Moderating Online Communities and Stream Chats – S3E1 #TMPOD

For our return, we wrap up the #ModMarch conversation we started on twitter by discussing Moderating Online Communities and Stream Chats. ft @xmiramira + @missdoitbig #TMPOD S3E1

Thumbstick Mafia Now Accepting Clips!

When it comes to our Thumbstick Mafia Twitter account, we are consistently in talks about the best ways to promote Black Women, and Women of Color, video game content creators. When we initially started, we would retweet and shout out Twitch links whenever someone was live. Slowly, we started to notice that the account was … Continue reading Thumbstick Mafia Now Accepting Clips!

Thumbstick Glo Up: The Next Phase of TM

Sharkyshood and I, as you know are very passionate about gaming culture from the perspective black women and woc in the industry. We recently announced our Mid Season break from the Podcast as we would like to take a step back and re-analyze what  the next steps are as our vision is growing and expanding along with the community we support.

#TMPOD S2E9 – Accountability, E-sports + MidSeason Break

Welcome back to another episode of the Thumbstick Mafia Podcast! In Season 2, Episode 9 we wrap up our conversation with Simply Undrea by talking about creating a space for your Team and what accountability looks like in that space. We also discuss the difference between comparison and inspiration and why it’s important to know … Continue reading #TMPOD S2E9 – Accountability, E-sports + MidSeason Break

#TMPOD S2E7 – Lying Ass Pollsters + Networking

We are joined again by Special Guest; Undrea of Simply Undrea | an experienced streamer and content creator as well as Brand Ambassador and Community Manager as we continue the conversation on Community + Team Building and lead into Polling, Statistics and Networking. Listen here:  Podcast:     Play in new window | Download Subscribe: Apple … Continue reading #TMPOD S2E7 – Lying Ass Pollsters + Networking

#TMSHARE- Working to Find Each Other!

As previously stated [Twitter thread], Thumbstick Mafia will never be spam/repost account where we just tweet links to various channels from Twitch, Youtube, Mixer,  ::insert your favorite platform:: We want to provide a space where people can truly find content creators that they can rock with, become fans of and possibly support. In our opinion, … Continue reading #TMSHARE- Working to Find Each Other!

#TMPOD S2E2 – Diversify your Platforms

Sharkyshood and Seeker here with a new mini series: Diversify Your Platforms. We’re assuming you listened to S2E1 All About Your Coins - We continue our mission to get your right by breaking down all of the options you have as a Broadcaster/Streamer/Content Creator. In this episode, we cover the four major platforms: Twitch, YT … Continue reading #TMPOD S2E2 – Diversify your Platforms