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#TMSHARE- Working to Find Each Other!

As previously stated [Twitter thread], Thumbstick Mafia will never be spam/repost account where we just tweet links to various channels from Twitch, Youtube, Mixer,  ::insert your favorite platform:: We want to provide a space where people can truly find content creators that they can rock with, become fans of and possibly support. In our opinion, spamming random links does not cut the mustard and with our background knowledge of marketing and simple examination of our own behaviors as well as observation of others; spamming links rarely works. The click through rate is just not there unless the followers already established a previous relationship with the creator.

One of the solutions we proposed in our most recent Podcast episode [S2E4 – Branding and Re-purposing Your Content] was the tag #TMShare. The purpose of this hashtag is for Black women/ WoC game content creators to share their channel trailers.


What is a Channel Trailer?

A channel trailer is a brief, mostly introductory video about you and your channel. You can share the type of games you like to play, give insight on the type of communities you want build, or even share highlights. You can find more information and tutorials about getting started via YT Creator Academy – here.  

When creating your Channel Trailer on Youtube, please remember to add #TMShare in the description box. If you already have a Trailer up, be sure to add the hashtag.


Why the hashtag?

It will make your content easy to locate (for us) when we’re trying to promote and support your work. If the hashtag is used, it will also be a great way for you to find other content creators within the established community outside of us manually sharing. It makes sense to search and look through the hashtags that you’re using and the community you’re a part of so you can promote each other….no? Yes.


What if I don’t have YT?

If you don’t have a Youtube, hold the tears, if you are on Twitch, you can upload your Channel Trailer there. Once you upload to Twitch, don’t forget to share your trailer on Twitter and use the hashtag #TMShare.  

Also, you have the option of uploading your channel trailer to Twitter, directly. Keep in mind that videos uploaded to Twitter can only be 2:20 mins long. Twitter has made it easier to upload content through their Media Studio which they recently started to roll out. We would advise you to take a look at that option when you have some time as it’s an excellent, useful resource.

On our Thumbstick Mafia YouTube channel, we provide a brief introduction of the new feature and how to activate it on your Twitter profile.

The hashtag #TMSHARE is only to be used in the description of your YT channel trailer and in your initial Twitter/Social Media Post. DO NOT use the hashtag for all of your content.

There are some amazing Black/WoC game content creators out there and we want to do our best to highlight you all the best way possible. Please get the word out about TMShare to other Black/WoC streamers. Tag them, spam their comments and chats, encourage them to create a channel trailer and share it with us.


Thumbstick Tip: Create a twitter post with your channel and all of the links where people can find you. If the links are too long, bitly [Bitly is a resource that allows you to shorten long urls, save and share them. It also has metrics that show the number of clicks that link got, it’s a great tool to use]. Once you’ve created your Channel Trailer and your tweet has been created, pin it to your Twitter profile.


It is a warm introduction to who you are as a content creator and a great welcome to your page. The double whammy is that you’ll be advertising your content, ensuring folks know when and how to find you on the internet.


Happy Creating!


#TMPOD S2E2 – Diversify your Platforms


Sharkyshood and Seeker here with a new mini series: Diversify Your Platforms. We’re assuming you listened to S2E1 All About Your Coins – We continue our mission to get your right by breaking down all of the options you have as a Broadcaster/Streamer/Content Creator.

In this episode, we cover the four major platforms: Twitch, YT Gaming, Beam and FB Live. We break down their main features, partnership options and give you a bit of insight into the respective communities function.

Podcast: Play in new window | Download
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Creating a Safe Space for Black Girl Gamers: Black Girl Gamers Pax East Panel

Black Girl Gamers (BGG) is presenting a panel on Creating a Safe Space for Black Girl Gamers  at Pax East and we’re happy to announce that we’ve been asked to be a part of this awesome discussion!

Want to support us but won’t be at Pax East?! Use our hashtag: #BGGatPax and if you’ve got it – throw some love our way in the form of coins.

BGG Patreon

Watch this space for more details soon!

Thumbstick Mafia Podcast: Ep 6 – The Scary-i-scode

Happy Halloween!

Sharky and Seeker byke with a Scary-i-sode. We talk #RIP vine, Giphy being the Hero that Vine deserves, Bethesda not sending out game preview copies, streaming services being native to PC and X1 with the new Windows 10 update and finalize our horror recommendations! Special Shout Out to: Lost Queens – a dope, business that’s definitely worth your coins.

Don’t forget to send us your thoughts, questions, funny video game clips to us using the #TMPod an we’ll definitely share and shout you out!

Our Round Table this week :
Sharkyshood: Twitter | Twitch | Tumblr
Seeker: Twitter | Twitch | Tumblr

Listen to the Scary-i-sode here

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A Special thank you to those who sent in submissions via the #TMPod hashtag. The Horror Recommendations list is already up, you can find it here: Thumbstick Mafia Halloween Movie List

#TMPod Halloween Movie List

This is our first Halloween! As a horror fan, I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to create a Halloween Movie List. Thank you to Peoplescritc and SunnyAijou for their suggestions.

Behold – The List; I tried to keep it short. 

Family Friendly
Hocus Pocus (This is essential watching – I don’t care how old you are – this is a must watch every single year.)
Monster House
Billy and Mandy’s Big Boogey Adventure
Harry Potter Movies (All of them, yes)
Practical Magic
The Craft
Scooby Doo 1-2 (Live Action)

Fright Night
Nightmare on Elm Street
Resident Evil
Jeepers Creepers
Tales from the Crypt: Bordello Blood
Tales from the Darkside
Bride of Chucky

General Horror
You’re Next
The Forsaken
Deliver us from Evil
As above, So below
Rec (Movie Series)
ABCs of Death
The Babadook
The Taking of Deborah Logan
Come Back To Me
The Girl in the Photographs

Lots of these titles are available on Netflix and will be in rotation on Sy-Fy, Chiller or your favorite movie source.

Happy Halloween from Thumbstick Mafia!


An Extra Fif – #PerformanceMatters ft Danielle McCrae

Voice Actor, Content Creator and Gamer Extraordinaire: Danielle McCrae stops by to talk to us about the SAG-AFTRA strike and how we can lend out support as well as how she got into Voice Acting, her most memorable experiences on stream, Waifus of Overwatch and more.


#PerformanceMatters – Click Here
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Danielle’s Website
Waifus of Overwatch Podcast
More on the SAG-AFTRA Strike 

Thumbstick Mafia Podcast: Ep 5 – The Black Renaissance

Sharky and Seeker are back!

We’re on Episode 5 ya’ll, can you believe it?! On this episode we talk our first impressions of Mafia III, The Park playthrough and the possible Red Dead Redemption teaser. We also touch on the idea of respectability politics in Luke Cage and start building our Halloween Movie List!

Our Round Table this week :
Sharkyshood: Twitter | Twitch | Tumblr
Seeker: Twitter | Twitch | Tumblr

Episode 5: Listen Here

Not so Netflix Recommendations – Build your Halloween Movie Playlist
Hocus Pocus
Monster House
Harry Potter Movies (All of them, yes)

Nightmare on Elm Street
Resident Evil
Jeepers Creepers
Saw 3

Don’t forget to send your Halloween Movie Suggestions and your Mafia III, clips to us via the #TMPod hashtag and don’t forget to give us a review on Stitcher and iTunes. We’ll definitely shout out your recommendations, add them to the list and post the funniest / best vids!
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Thumbstick Mafia Podcast: Ep 4 – Get Your Black On

Sharkyshood and Seeker are back with another duo episode – we discuss Twitch Prime+ Upload, The Dudebros getting mad, What we’ve enjoyed this week and the flourishing beauty of black entertainment.

Don’t forget to use hashtag #TMPod on Social Media to leave feedback, suggestions or comments! We love hearing from you!

Our Round Table this week :
Sharkyshood: Twitter | Twitch | Tumblr
Seeker: Twitter | Twitch | Tumblr 

Episode 4 – Listen Here

Articles Discussed This Week:
Why you Mad?
witch Upload
Twitch Prime which is really Amazon Prime
October’s Game Release Schedule

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Thumbstick Mafia Podcast: Ep 3 – Sharky & The Sims

On this episode Sharkyshood and Seeker talk The Sims, EA, Black Simblr, YouTube Changes, Rise of Iron, Netflix Recommendations and more!

Our Round Table this week :
Sharkyshood: Twitter | Twitch | Tumblr
Seeker: Twitter | Twitch | Tumblr 

Episode 3 – Listen Here

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The official hashtag when discussing the podcast or leaving a review is #TMPod – please use it so we see all of your feed back!

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