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#TMPOD S2E4 – Managing and Re-purposing your Content

Managing and Repurposing Your Content

We’re back and we’re always here with the hotness so, without further delays, we present – #TMPod S2E4 – Managing and Re-purposing Content.  Another week of @sharkyshood and @chasinglux covering a bit more of the business end of things.

This is a continuation of our Series that has been covering the back end business of content creation and broadcasting. Not caught up? No worries, you’re only three episodes behind. You can catch up here: Season 2

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#TMPOD S2E3 – Diversify Your Platforms #2 + Twitch Affiliate Program

Diversify Your Platforms + Twitch Affliate Program

#TMPOD is byke and we’re finishing off our Diversify your Platforms mini series. If you didn’t catch part 1 of this series, then make sure you listen here.  In Episode 2 we covered Twitch, Youtube Gaming, Beam and Facebook Live. This episode we talk a bit about a few more options for you; Ustream, Hitbox, YouNow and MobCrush.

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#TMPOD S2E2 – Diversify your Platforms


Sharkyshood and Seeker here with a new mini series: Diversify Your Platforms. We’re assuming you listened to S2E1 All About Your Coins – We continue our mission to get your right by breaking down all of the options you have as a Broadcaster/Streamer/Content Creator.

In this episode, we cover the four major platforms: Twitch, YT Gaming, Beam and FB Live. We break down their main features, partnership options and give you a bit of insight into the respective communities function.

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#TMPOD: S2E1 – All about YOUR coins!


#TMPod is back for Season 2! We’ve definitely missed ya’ll so  we kick off the first episode by discussing Content Creation and Revenue Sharing because what better way to show we love you by helping you get your coins together?

The back end game is changing and Sharkyshood the prophet has us covered with the break down as usual.

We discuss the changing rules for the industry for content creators and discuss it from the developer’s point of view with Persona 5’s press release and YouTube’s continued updates and changes in their effort to work with sponsors and continue to grow their overall brand and company and how it impacts content creators.

#TMPod tag is still the official hashtag for the show! If you have comments, questions, would like to suggest a guest or a topic – please use the hashtag so we can keep track or you can email us:

P.S. As promised – Sharkyshood Living Single Intro

Sharkyshood: Twitter | Twitch |Tumblr
Seeker: Twitter | TwitchSite

Listen to Episode Here

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Thumbstick Mafia Podcast: Ep 8 – Thumbstick Holiday

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Kwanza, Happy Hanukkuh, Happy Winter Solstice. Hope we covered everyone. Happy day off to the folks not celebrating. 

Sharky and I are back to tell you that this is our final episode of the season.  Don’t kill us. Before we wrapped, we wanted to help get you ready for the Holidays with a few black businesses and artists you that we love, that we’re getting gifts from.  We discuss why it’s important to buy black and what we’re thankful for this year.

Our Round Table this week :
Sharkyshood: Twitter | Twitch |Tumblr
Seeker: Twitter | Twitch | Tumblr

Listen to the Episode here

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Show Notes: Here’s our Retailer List.
Bevel: Specializes in Men’s grooming and skincare. You can find them on twitter: @bevel

Pear Nova: Amazing nail polish colors that change every season.  You can find them on twitter: @pearnova

Aminah Abdul Jililih:  Beautiful, shoes that make a statement. Perfect for your stand out occasions and stuntin’ on folks. You can find them on twitter: @aminahjililih

Haute Butch: Tom Boy Style. Everything we love about a masculine cut without the boxy lines and unflattering pairings.

Ambiance Couture: Stylish, one of a kind bowties. Comes in a lovely wood box – perfect for gift giving. Check them out!

Want Les Essentiels: High end leather totes, luggage, bags, shoes and accessories. A bit on the pricey side but these are classic pieces that won’t need a replacement for some time. Great investment.

Lost Queens: Accessories and Jewelry that steals the show. They have something for you regardless of if you like delicate chains or bold chunky statement pieces. Twitter: @lostqueens

Absynia Shop:  Made by hand, these one of a kind pieces are perfect for gift giving or for treating yourself. YOU DESERVE. Twitter: @absynia

Just Like Me Box: Book subscription service for the young readers in your life. Just Like Me focuses on books from diverse authors with diverse stories so that the child in your life can see themselves reflected in a positive way. Twitter: @justlikemebox

PlaiPen: Their business is simple and adorable; kids clothes that look like they can hold up to a bit of weather with cute designs. Really wished they came in adult sizes. Twitter: @plaipen

KrissiScribbles: A multifaceted artist that makes everything from custom cards to coloring books. Her most recent collaboration is with her son. Twitter: @krissiScribbles

Kashmir VII: Accessories, jewelery, paintings, art – You naaaammmeeee it. You can find it at her store. She’s known for art with your favorite throwback, black Sitcom stars from the 90s. Twitter: @kashmirvii

We’ll throw these business on twitter and maybe even add a few more of our faves. Don’t forget to use and check the #TMPod hashtag.

Thanks for an amazing year. We’ll be back soon. ❤

Thumbstick Mafia Podcast: Ep 6 – The Scary-i-scode

Happy Halloween!

Sharky and Seeker byke with a Scary-i-sode. We talk #RIP vine, Giphy being the Hero that Vine deserves, Bethesda not sending out game preview copies, streaming services being native to PC and X1 with the new Windows 10 update and finalize our horror recommendations! Special Shout Out to: Lost Queens – a dope, business that’s definitely worth your coins.

Don’t forget to send us your thoughts, questions, funny video game clips to us using the #TMPod an we’ll definitely share and shout you out!

Our Round Table this week :
Sharkyshood: Twitter | Twitch | Tumblr
Seeker: Twitter | Twitch | Tumblr

Listen to the Scary-i-sode here

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A Special thank you to those who sent in submissions via the #TMPod hashtag. The Horror Recommendations list is already up, you can find it here: Thumbstick Mafia Halloween Movie List

An Extra Fif – #PerformanceMatters ft Danielle McCrae

Voice Actor, Content Creator and Gamer Extraordinaire: Danielle McCrae stops by to talk to us about the SAG-AFTRA strike and how we can lend out support as well as how she got into Voice Acting, her most memorable experiences on stream, Waifus of Overwatch and more.


#PerformanceMatters – Click Here
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Danielle’s Website
Waifus of Overwatch Podcast
More on the SAG-AFTRA Strike 

Thumbstick Mafia Podcast: Ep 5 – The Black Renaissance

Sharky and Seeker are back!

We’re on Episode 5 ya’ll, can you believe it?! On this episode we talk our first impressions of Mafia III, The Park playthrough and the possible Red Dead Redemption teaser. We also touch on the idea of respectability politics in Luke Cage and start building our Halloween Movie List!

Our Round Table this week :
Sharkyshood: Twitter | Twitch | Tumblr
Seeker: Twitter | Twitch | Tumblr

Episode 5: Listen Here

Not so Netflix Recommendations – Build your Halloween Movie Playlist
Hocus Pocus
Monster House
Harry Potter Movies (All of them, yes)

Nightmare on Elm Street
Resident Evil
Jeepers Creepers
Saw 3

Don’t forget to send your Halloween Movie Suggestions and your Mafia III, clips to us via the #TMPod hashtag and don’t forget to give us a review on Stitcher and iTunes. We’ll definitely shout out your recommendations, add them to the list and post the funniest / best vids!
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Thumbstick Mafia Podcast: Ep 4 – Get Your Black On

Sharkyshood and Seeker are back with another duo episode – we discuss Twitch Prime+ Upload, The Dudebros getting mad, What we’ve enjoyed this week and the flourishing beauty of black entertainment.

Don’t forget to use hashtag #TMPod on Social Media to leave feedback, suggestions or comments! We love hearing from you!

Our Round Table this week :
Sharkyshood: Twitter | Twitch | Tumblr
Seeker: Twitter | Twitch | Tumblr 

Episode 4 – Listen Here

Articles Discussed This Week:
Why you Mad?
witch Upload
Twitch Prime which is really Amazon Prime
October’s Game Release Schedule

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