Community Management: Reflection

What is a community leader / manager? Being a community leader means thinking about the impact of your words and actions beyond the moment or the issue. I really want to challenge us to think about how our actions impact the entire group or the community(ies) that we speak for. No one is expecting perfection … Continue reading Community Management: Reflection



We've been MIA for a while - re-organizing and planning our next moves. We realized we needed to give you all some time to catch up with Season 2 of the podcast before we completely moved on into Season 3 -

Twitch introduces: Creator Camp

On July 24th, Twitch announced Creator Camp via their blog. It is a defined as an initiative to provide streamers and content creators with the tools they need to not only grow, but succeed. The aim is to put all of the resources in one place so there is no time wasted. Creator Camp has already … Continue reading Twitch introduces: Creator Camp

Platform Updates – S3E2 #TMPOD

Every Season, we go over the latest platform updates for the top streaming and content creating platforms to keep you in the loop and following the terms of service.  Being informed of the rules of the platform(s) you use to share and create your content is not only smart, it’s one of the best ways … Continue reading Platform Updates – S3E2 #TMPOD

From the Desk of Thumbstick Mafia

There are some stories that are being brought to light in the Twitch community of abuse and sexual assault. So far there have been a few and more are expected so, please be cautious in how you navigate twitter + twitch if you have triggers.  We will be making ourselves available via multiple platforms so … Continue reading From the Desk of Thumbstick Mafia

‘We Need to Have Our Stories’: The Black Girl Gamers Fighting for Inclusion via Vice Broadly

Our Sister Community Black Girl Gamers has been featured on Vice Broadly! Here's the interview with BGG Founder: Jay aka Supadupacurl Jay-Anne Lopez. Screenshot via YouTube channel BlackGirlGamers   I was just like anybody else. I got a Super Nintendo, then I had a PS1, then I had a PS2, I skipped PS3 and moved onto … Continue reading ‘We Need to Have Our Stories’: The Black Girl Gamers Fighting for Inclusion via Vice Broadly

Thumbstick Mafia: Clans, Communities & Clubs

Hey Ladies! We wanted to formally announce our Destiny 2 Clan. Join Here. The clan is both on Xbox 1 and PlayStation 4. We will have sherpas available to help you through the game or assist if you have any questions etc. For those of you looking to generally connect, outside of Destiny 2 - … Continue reading Thumbstick Mafia: Clans, Communities & Clubs