Add Caption To Your Videos With Headliner

If you are interested in making your videos more accessible or you would like to have new way to promote your podcast snippets, then this post is for you.

One of the resources, we at Thumbstick Mafia, have been using to help promote our podcast is the Headliner app. We were first introduced to this website when it was originally called Sparemin. Berry from PodcastsInColor mentioned the app and we have been using it since.


Create Social Media Video

Headliner has expanded. They now offer tools that allow you to create audiograms for your podcasts (both short and long format) and now you can create video transcripts. As someone that has had to add captions to videos using video editing software, I highly, HIGHLY recommend this app. Depending on the length of your content, captions can take a very long time to produce and the Headliner app cuts down that time dramatically.


How Much Is Headliner

The Headliner app is free to use. However to make some money, they have now offered services to where they will create videos for you (up to 2 minutes) for $10. The website is fairly easy to use but if you are really on a time crunch, then $10 is not that bad.

With  Canva and Headliner, you can make some amazing audiograms for your podcast. You can find an example of an audiogram we created for the Thumbstick Mafia podcast here.

If you would like to take your podcast marketing up a notch, then definitely checkout Headliner.  


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