Community Management: Reflection

What is a community leader / manager?

Being a community leader means thinking about the impact of your words and actions beyond the moment or the issue.

I really want to challenge us to think about how our actions impact the entire group or the community(ies) that we speak for. No one is expecting perfection but foresight and wisdom along with the ability to process information and emotions while coming to a resolution that works for the situation itself.

We should be asking: How will this impact my people? How does it impact the person(s) affected? How does it affect one demographic versus another? Intersectionality is something to consider also while speaking and problem solving on behalf of a group.

It’s easy to argue with trolls, call out racist behavior and actions or to point out visible representation i.e. skin tones and hair representation in games etc but the non-visible work is harder. Are you taking a step back to ensure that the most vulnerable folks are being heard and protected?

The work isn’t about being the loudest voice or the most visible face – it’s about making sure that the spaces that you move in, and the spirit in which you do always puts your people first and is in line with the vision that you have for your community.

It isn’t easy.

So let’s reflect.

Do you speak to your community members? Not to trade information like Yu-gi-oh cards, but are you actually getting to know your people? Not just the ones you like either. LMFAO

Have you created a team that can properly assist you with all of the responsibilities?

Do you understand their hopes, fears, needs and wants?

Are you able to problem solve on a macro and micro level?

Are you able to anticipate issues and be proactive with your management?

Are you able to address issues with the appropriate level of discretion or visibility that the particular situation calls for?


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