KnitsAndScribbles will be conducting free coding classes, on Twitch. We spoke with Knits about the classes and how those interested can participate.

When and where will the coding classes be held?

90 minute Code-alongs will be held on my Twitch channel on Sundays at noon ET starting on September 30. (

With there being a variety of coding languages, which languages will your class focus on?

The code-alongs will build and change as time goes on, and as the group progresses. We will start with basic HTML and CSS, as well as frameworks like Bootstrap and Pure. CSS,to build a multi-page website. Once those skills are firm, we’ll add advanced features using basic Javascript and learn how to use APIs like google maps. Next we’ll add on advanced Javascript and back-end features using various languages. We will, eventually, move on to the basics of building a Twitch bot, a blog from scratch, and many other projects and languages.

For someone that is new, the world of coding can be very overwhelming. Are there any resources you would recommend a beginner look into before they come to your class?

I want to make people’s introduction to coding as simple as possible. The only you need to get started is a text editor. We are starting with the absolute basics of web development. No experience or previous knowledge necessary. The most popular free text editors are Atom (, Notepad++ (, Sublime Text (, Vim (, and Visual Studio ( I use Atom, but the one that you use is purely a matter of preference and you can try new ones out any time.

How will participants be able to find previous classes?

Code-alongs will be put into a permanent collection on my twitch channel and eventually archived on my website.

If you are interested in learning how to code, then head on over to KnitsAndScribbles Twitch channel on Sundays at 12pm. Starting September 30th, 2018.


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