Grow Your YouTube/Twitch Audience With Twitter Media Studio

For over two years, I’ve talked about Twitter developing a platform for video creators. They continuously talked about it this mysterious video platform they were creating and you could see the moves they were making when they acquired SnappyTV, Vine and then Periscope. Personally, I was super excited to see what this new video platform was all about. At the time, Twitter was an under-utilized tool when it came to sharing Twitch and YouTube content. Getting someone to post a clip on Twitter was like pulling teeth. Seriously!

Till this day I find it very interesting when creators don’t post videos on Twitter. From working on my personal brand to Thumbstick Mafia and helping to manage other brands, videos have always done better when it comes to engagement over just posting links. Twitter posts that only display a link rarely receive any type of engagement. I don’t care how many hashtags you place on the tweet.

That’s where Twitter video platform Media Studio comes into play. With Media Studio you have easy access to all of your videos, gifs and pictures. Also, you can share your videos, schedule video posts and live-stream through this platform.


Why You Should Sign Up for Media Studio

What I love most about Media Studio and why I am always talking about it is because of it’s share feature. Through Media Studio, I can share a video with someone else that has the feature and they will be able to post my video onto their TL. This is SO much easier than having to download and re-upload a video.

Yes, I could simply RT the video. However, if a user has RT’s turned off on my Twitter page then they are not going to see the video. Media Studio creates a work around and I am here for it.  

Through Media Studio creators will be able to see all the analytics associated with the video, receive credit for their videos, and will see all the tweets other Media Studio users posted when sharing their video. That means they can see all the engagement associated with those tweets too. Media Studio is a life saver when it comes to sharing videos on the Thumbstick Mafia account. You can see an example of how the videos look when posted here.

Now only can you do all the things listed above, you can also embed a link in your video. If you are a part of Twitter’s partnership program and you have the option to monetize your Twitter videos, turning that feature on will be done in Media Studio.


How To Sign Up for Media Studio

The sign up process for Media Studio has changed, and changed often, since I signed up for it. I had a feeling this was going to happen so I tried to make sure everyone I knew, signed up back then. Now they say you can only gain access by invite, which is….. ::sighs::

The link I used to originally sign-up is still available here. I highly recommend creators sign-up for it and write in “Thumbstick Mafia” as your reference. For me there was a really short wait period and I received no notification that I had access to the feature. I just looked under profile and it was there.

This video is a quick tutorial of Media Studio. They layout has changed a bit since then but the basics are pretty much the same. In conclusion, sign up for media studio, get creative and have fun. Happy Tweeting!


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