We’ve been MIA for a while – re-organizing and planning our next moves. We realized we needed to give you all some time to catch up with Season 2 of the podcast before we completely moved on into Season 3 (We gave you two dope S3 episodes; Moderating Online Communities + Stream Chats as well as Platform Updates ).
In S2, we tackled lot’s of the basic philosophy of streaming and content creation; we wanted you to really think about why you were creating, what you were creating and who it was for. We were passionate about the community aspect of content creation and making sure you thought about the long term impact of what you were building. It’s been really dope to see you all listening and engaging with the content and genuinely making strides in your growth.
The focus of Season 3 is focused on how to transition from casual to serious content creator; whether it’s part time or full time. Our intention is to prepare you for monetization, creating sustainable structure that’s personalized to the kind of content you create as well as keep you updated on the evolving culture surrounding content creation.
We also intend for S3 to be the last season of the Thumbstick Mafia Podcast, in this format. If there are updates on platforms or aspects of culture that need to be addressed beyond S3, we absolutely will do so in the form of a special episode but there will be no S4.
What’s happens after we do come back from hiatus and we complete S3? There are other show concepts and content being developed. We would like to honor our commitment to highlighting and finding new voices. We have no desire to be the loudest voice in the room or the only voice in the room and there are lots of black women and women of color who have amazing ideas and are creating great content – so we would be shifting focus to this space looking more like a network with various types of offerings available outside of live stream or culture commentary.
Why become a Patreon? It’ll give you first access to all of our content; whether it’s podcast or shows, writing or resources and we want to create a healthy, ethical culture for our incoming contributors where they are compensated. We would also like to be able to create across multiple platforms and have our content be fully accessible which means transcripts for podcasts and shows as well as audio options for our articles.
As a Patreon you are welcome to make suggestions on what you would like us to cover, ask questions and be a part of the creative process!
We are dedicated to providing the best content and resources for the communities we serve and we will continue to do so; with few exceptions – all Patreon Exclusive content will eventually be available for free as is most of our content. All previous podcast episodes, special episodes and written content is available right here, on our website: www.thumbstickmafia.com
Looking for us?
Email is best for business inquiries – thethumbstickmafia@gmail.com
Twitter: @thumbstickmafia
Web: www.thumbstickmafia.com | www.patreon.com/thumbstickmafia

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