#TMPOD S2E2 – Diversify your Platforms (Transcript)




AIRED: April 23, 2017

Featuring: Seek3r and SharkysHood

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SEEK3R Um, because then when you’re streaming that much,

you don’t have time to explore other games, you don’t have time to live life, what are you talking about on stream? Your streams get boring because you don’t have things to talk about outside of the game. You don’t have points of engagement. And also, the more you give hours like that without any break, the more it becomes an expectation.


SEEK3R Hi, guys! We are back with Season 2, Episode 2 of

the Thumbstick Mafia podcast. Uh, you shoulda listened to the first one by now. Uh, that one was all about your coins and uh, this podcast we’re actually gonna start a series, um, and it’s called “Diversify Your Platforms”. It’s a little bit self-explanatory but we’re gonna get into that. I’m here, of course, with the awesome, the amazing, the Sim god herself, SharkysHood. Say hello to the people.

SHARKY Hello, everyone. I’m SharkysHood. Everybody calls

me Sharky. And I can be found everything on social media, SharkysHood.

SEEK3R Yes, because there should be consistency in your

branding. [LAUGHS]


SEEK3R Major key! Um, and I am, you know, the tall one,

Anastasia AKA Seek3r AKA ChasingLux everywhere on social media. Seek3r everywhere for the gaming and uh, we bout to uh, break you off a lil sum-sum. So, uh, Sharky, tell the people why we decided to, um, go this route in terms of starting the conversation, um, on diversifying your platforms. We touched a little bit on it on the last episode but let’s elaborate.


SHARKY Whew! It’s a lot to elaborate on, um…I just

kinda…when I was actually really active in the stream culture, um, I kinda noticed a lot of people would kinda stick to one platform and they’ll be like, “Oh, I wanna be a full-time streamer on this platform” and it’s like, hmm, okay, nothing wrong with your goals, but how are you gonna really expand your brand beyond this platform or how are you gonna reach out to people beyond this platform to grow? And so from my experience from that, that’s when I kinda, like, thought about diversifying platforms and the importance of it for growth outside of a platform so you can have a robust brand that’s not so dependent on one platform. Because when shit hits the fan on that platform, you’re are-you are SOL.

SEEK3R Absolutely and completely out of luck.

SHARKY Yeah, that’s just freaking the bottom-line and then

after yesterday’s, oh, not yes-yesterday’s, Jesus, uh, [LAUGHS] the last episode, it kinda just made sense to talk about it and then some news came out and it was just, okay, so yes, this is gonna be…’cause we’re gonna talk about the news a little bit later.

SEEK3R Yes, yes, we definitely gotta get into, like, the

news and the changes.


SEEK3R ‘Cause it’s a lot.

SHARKY A lot, a lot.

SEEK3R It’s a lot.

SHARKY But it’s good, though. It’s-it’s great. It’s great

for, in my opinion, for content creators.

SEEK3R I think so, too. I feel like the…having options

is always going to be an amazing thing, um, unfortunately I feel like for too long people have seen and regarded Twitch as sort of, like, the be-all-end-all for success as a streamer, um, and I’m not gonna say there isn’t success there to be found and that it is impossible, but we need to start acknowledging that there are other options out there and also maybe Twitch and even YouTube Gaming may not fit your brand and what you want to


use streaming and content creation for. I think sometimes you get too caught up in where the big numbers are and we just sort of like, throw everything into it without stepping back and doing the research and thinking about what we want to eventually grow and build into.

SHARKY I have nothing to add to that ‘cause I really was

gonna go into that next but you pretty much just said it.

SEEK3R Oh, yeah, but we-we’re gonna, we’re gonna all the

way go into it, like, they finna get this heat.

SHARKY [LAUGHS] A lot of people don’t realize, like, you

can’t prolly can’t make Twitch pop, but you can-might can make Facebook pop.

SEEK3R Right.

SHARKY You know, you might can-you might already have

community on there or you might have an idea that you can integrate into your groups or profile or whatever that will make your gaming page pop. You know? And it-and it will sit for you and you can generate an honest audience on that, you know, off that. But anywho, let’s go ‘head and get into these platforms.

SEEK3R Yes, we’re gonna start with Twitch, of course,

because it’s the one that, I think, everyone’s most familiar with. It’s definitely, I mean, I hate to like, have to say, but it is the leading, you know, [LAUGHS] gaming, streaming platform.


SEEK3R It is, in terms of the numbers. It has been around

for quite some time also, we do need to factor that in when we talk about these gaming platforms, we can’t expect, you know, a platform that’s three years old to pretty much be rocking with the same things or have the same reach as Twitch and we need to factor that in also when we’re making these decisions. But yes, let’s start with Twitch. Give us the basics, Sharky.

SHARKY Okay, so the basics was Twitch launched June 2011

but before that it was JustinTV and JustinTV was pretty much just like, a catch-all livestream platform. I guess what they-what they call it in,


like, in-real-life streaming, you know they had all of that on there and then they decided to narrow they-narrow their, um, niche down to specifically gaming and they pretty much blew up from that. Um, Twitch has added a couple of new features lately. Like, the most recent one, I haven’t really used it but I have seen people talking about it and it does, uh, a great idea was the Communities feature. So…oh, go ahead, you wanted to say something?

SEEK3R No, I-yeah, I definitely I use it, because um,

BlackGirlGamers created a Community on there. The one thing I would say is that the only way I can add it since I stream through the Elgato and I don’t use OBS or XSplit or anything like that, is you actually do have to utilize Twitch’s dashboard to enable the Community so that it’s there on your edit. That’s the only thing. But I do like the Communities feature, but it’s new, lots of folks aren’t using it and I’m not sure, like, what the rules are in terms of, like, using it because, hey, if you’re, like, a really big streamer and you create this Community, like, it just seems like you can just search and add, you know what I mean?


SEEK3R Like, I can see how it can get sketchy with, say

for instance, I create a Thumbstick Mafia Community and then, you know, a white male streamer [LAUGHS] adds the Thumbstick Community-’cause there’s nothing preventing, you know what I mean? There’s no…there’s nothing to-to moderate that.

SHARKY I didn’t know that. I thought it was one of those things where you set up the Community and you can invite people to join and they can accept or decline.

SEEK3R Well, see, it’s still in beta now as far as I know

the last time I looked through that page, but girl, I just be searching “black girl gamers” and adding it, like, I don’t even-I couldn’t even find a way and I’m not even, like, saying this to be funny, I couldn’t even find a way to like, ensure that I was joined to the pl-the-the Community. I could just search it, I could see the page, and I can add it when I’m in the dashboard, that’s all I’ve been able to access and see via the Twitch site. I haven’t checked it maybe in like a week or two, ‘cause it’s just like, auto-added now, so maybe


it’s out of beta and maybe they’re doing some other things with it but as far as I know, nah.

SHARKY Hmm, that’s interesting. Well, [LAUGHS] beyond the

Communities feature, they also have hosting and auto-hosting and if you don’t know what hosting is-uh, basically you can, um, well, so you can stream somebody else’s channel on your page, so say for instance, I’m done streaming and Seek3r is on and I want to show her broadcast on my channel. I just hit “host”, bam, my viewers can see Seek3r’s stream and then she’ll get credit or she get, like, the view numbers from that and then auto-hosting is basically you can set up to where, you know, if you’re away from Twitch but yet you still want to promote other streamers on your channel, you can enter in their names and then, so whenever you’re away, if they hop on, bam, they-you’re automatically hosting their channel.

SEEK3R Yes, I do like that they added and changed the

auto-hosts feature a lot, because the way that it used to be before is you’d have to go into the settings and not that it was that complicated, but they’ve made it easier-way, way easier because I noticed, too, now that, like, I went in and I hosted someone last night and it automatically asked me, like, hey, do you wanna add this person to your autohost list?


SEEK3R And I like that. That’s really-that’s really cute.

SHARKY That is.

SEEK3R I like it when y’all are cute.


SEEK3R I do.

SHARKY [LAUGHS] When y’all take the initiative to be


SEEK3R Yeah, when y’all keep it cute, I really like it. I really do. So I like that feature, um, I know that when they first, um, redid the autohost, it did mess up a lot of people’s, like, previous, you know what I mean, listings but they’ve made it so much easier for you to do, it shouldn’t be that hard for you to, like, get back, and while we are talking


about hosting, hosting is a very, very important part of community building.

SHARKY On Twitch.

SEEK3R I dunno-yes, I dunno if we wanna get all the way deep into that right now, maybe we need to do a, like, later in the-the series, um, Sharky, we do more on, like, building, like, what-what you do to build in these different, um, platforms.

SHARKY Yeah, because it’s gonna vary from platform to


SEEK3R Yeah, and ‘cause we’ll get lost talking about it.


SHARKY [LAUGHS] Because, though, each community-

SEEK3R Let’s-let’s table that. Yeah.

SHARKY Yeah. Yeah. Alright, so the next thing is that

Twitch has, is that Twitch Inspector.

SEEK3R Mm-hmm.

SHARKY Um, pretty much it helps you troubleshoot what’s

going on with your stream. If you’re having connection issues, encoder-related, while broadcasting, and it’d be like, hey, this is going on, you might wanna look at this, da-da-duh-duh. Which is great, because I kinda, [LAUGHS] it’s really frustrating as a streamer when someone says, “oh snap, your stream is black frame or we lost connection” and then you don’t know what’s going on and so now you’re spending time tryna figure out what they see, what’s going on on your end and yeah, it can really get messy and time-consuming. So, this is pretty dope in my opinion because it really does help the streamer. Hopefully, troubleshoot what’s going on with their streams a lot faster.

SEEK3R Hopefully.


SEEK3R Hopefully troubleshoot what’s going on with them

servers a lot faster.




SHARKY Twitch does have an analytics. And…I stress the

importance. Okay, let me go ‘head and say this: the series, all the stuff that we’re talking about, it’s for people who are considering turning streaming or content creation into a career. If you just doing it for fun, this is not for you. Continue to have-continue to stream for fun, I don’t care. But this is strictly for people who want to go-or who want to attempt to go the next level with this. Analytics is your friend. You need to know who is watching your stream, you need to know how many people is watching your stream, you need to know how often they are coming to the stream, you need to know how long they are staying on-in your stream. Because if you eventually want to go out and reach out to sponsors, they are gonna ask for this information. Point. Blank. Period. They’re gonna wanna know these numbers. And so it is very, very, very important that you have these numbers on deck and the platform that you use is very, very, very important, that they are detailed and the demographic information that they give you. So that they-so that way you can be prepared to go out to sponsors. A platform that doesn’t give you accurate demographic information for the people that you bring to the community, they’re not really tryna help you grow off the platform.

SEEK3R They’re not.

SHARKY That’s just-that’s just the, in my opinion, the

black-ass bottom line.

SEEK3R Hashtag facts.



SHARKY So. With Twitch Analytics, they have the chat activity pretty much, you know, the number of people that chat, the numbers and da-da-duh-duh, which, yay, but then, there are bots, so it’s like, that can be-well, there-there are bots on-on, to keep it one hundred percent funky, there are bots for everything. So, anywho, you have chat activity, you have concurrent viewers, the number of people who are all watching, like, at that one moment or at that same time, you have unique visitors and


then you have time watched. They have some other analytics but these are the kind of stuff that I felt would be important if you were to put something together like a media kit.

SEEK3R Right.

SHARKY As for like, these numbers right here, are the best

numbers you can use to make your case for wanting to be sponsored.

SEEK3R And there’s also things too, beyond being

sponsored, I feel like, if you are streaming and you’re building, it’s good to know where you’re at so you can set goals for yourself so that you can understand what you’re getting back for what you’re putting out. So for me, personally, I would look at my numbers, for say, one month and I’d be like, okay, well I got this amount of views, I did this many streams, next month I’m gonna try to do x amount of streams and I’m hoping that I can, you know, get maybe 10 more follows or 15 more follows or, you know? It’s good to challenge yourself and not only be checking your analytics and getting into that, like, numbers beatdown only to be partnered or to be sponsored. As a streamer, as a content creator, you need to be a student of your own industry and you need to be very, very aware of your own growth regardless of what goal you’re working toward. So these are like, very, very important things and with like, Twitch and like, Youtube, you can, um, have like, third-party, like, linked programs like StreamLabs which will give you even more breakdowns. Like, StreamLabs will tell you what day is the best day for your stream, what hour do you get the most views and these are things that can help you build your schedule, they can help you understand when you do have dead time, it-it can maybe be helpful in letting you know, hey, maybe on Fridays I don’t need to stream six hours, you know, the bulk of my activity happens in these three hours, but on Tuesdays people click but I don’t stream. So you have to learn how to use that information and work that into your goals and understand how it works toward your goals.

SHARKY Yes. Like, oh my God, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Like, I-I really wish people would pay attention to it so they can sit there and set a schedule that’s based on when they’re poppin’.


SEEK3R No, let’s all stream on Friday at 7 pm Eastern

Standard, all of us, together. And don’t get me wrong, I am an advocate of doing whatever you want, whenever you want, playing what game you want, streaming whenever you want, but again, these podcasts that we’re doing are not for your casual “I just wanna have fun” streamer, this is for “I am building a brand”, “I will eventually maybe like to get some coin” or “I am building into other types of content creation and this is just one aspect”. So this is not for your “I stream whenever the hell I can” streamer. Again, let’s reinforce that. These are for people that are interested in making something more of streaming and content creating.

SHARKY And then, another point, ‘cause-I know some people

are gonna be like, I’ll just stream full-time, I’ll just do 40 hours a week.


SHARKY Let me tell you something about that.


SHARKY ‘Cause I did that.


SHARKY Y’all who do that…all the praises, cuz the Devil

is a mothafuckin’ lie.

SEEK3R [SINGS] Lie, he lies! He lies! He lies.

SHARKY I. Did. That. And I did that for a couple of


SEEK3R Girl, me too.

SHARKY And I started to-mentally I was breakin’ down, physically, my body was trash. Like, I went to workout, the-when I finally stopped doing the long streams and I went to go workout, I could not do a lunge.

SEEK3R Girl.

SHARKY And before I could lunge it out, I could not do a lunge. And not only that but I was actually doing more than 40 hours when it came to stream…


SEEK3R Mm-hmm.

SHARKY …to-to content creation work because there’s

stuff behind the scenes that you should be doing, that you should be looking into, like, you should be keeping up on the industry, you should be figuring ways how to grow. So, 40 hours, yeah, that was full-time, but then that could turn into sometimes 60, 70, depending the fuck, gotta edit Youtube videos, it could turn into, like, a literally all-day thing and I had no time to do nothing else and that was a nah for me.

SEEK3R And can I tell you, it also made me fall out of

love with streaming.

SHARKY Ooh, yes.

SEEK3R And I thought that I didn’t wanna do it anymore. I

was like, ‘cause I remember when Sharky and I started having these conversations, like, ‘cause we were both on this, like, crazy schedule, we were like, yeah, we’re gonna do it, like, it’s not a-it’s not a problem, we just need time and dedication, we got this, right? No. Um, because then when you’re streaming that much you don’t have time to explore other games, you don’t have time to live life, what are you talking about on stream? Your streams get boring because you don’t have things to talk about outside of the game. You don’t have points of engagement. And also, the more you give hours like that, without any break, the more it becomes an expectation. And then, you really don’t have time to build anything else, I mean, heaven forbid you have another hobby outside of gaming. What then? So, it’s-it’s really about balance and again, more power to you if you do stream like, a 40-hour week, you’re doing it full-time, that works for you, you’re getting your coin, you’re happy, you know, Seek3r and Sharky are buggin’, okay. All I’m saying is, that’s not the plan and it should not be the ideal for everyone. It’s not healthy.

SHARKY It’s not.

SEEK3R It’s not. It’s absolutely not healthy. So, what you wanna do is what Sharky always preaches: you wanna work smarter and not harder. You wanna make sure that you are building but that you don’t forget about yourself because you are a part of the


commodity that you’re selling. As a streamer and as a content creator.

SHARKY And if you break down, then there goes that-there

goes your whole business.

SEEK3R And you think-well, what you think gon happen to

all them views? ”Oh, now I got 5,000 views on Twitch”, now you’re dead, now what?

SHARKY Alright, so next we’re gonna talk about affiliate

programs for…



SEEK3R She’s like, “Moving on before we start yellin’ at


SHARKY [LAUGHS] Because, no, ‘cause it’s like, some people

have died from this and it’s…I-I don’t…

SEEK3R No, it-no…

SHARKY How-how often do we have to stress that this shit

is unhealthy?!

SEEK3R Unhealthy, ugh!

SHARKY Because it’s not even 40 hours, people are pushing 24-hour streams, 48-hour streams, “Oh, let’s do-”, and I’m just like, chill! It is not freaking worth it!

SEEK3R It’s not.

SHARKY And you’re pulling from the same viewers as other


SEEK3R Bloop!

SHARKY Like, ugh! Oh-Okay, no, I said-I said we were

moving on…

SEEK3R Okay. Yep, okay. So, yep. So, the next point that

we’re gonna talk about…[LAUGHS]



SEEK3R …is the affiliate program for non-partnered

streamers that they just, um, recently announced this past week. So, go ahead. School ‘em, Sharky.

SHARKY Yeah, so they opened up cheers or they’re going to

open cheers and bits and, uh, bits are like, just like, these little funky little emotes that you pay for. Um, there’s a payscale, I don’t remember off the top of my head, we’ll probably-we’ll put it in the show notes, definitely, but it’s like, $1.49 you get like, uh, 200 or like, something bits…

SEEK3R Yeah.

SHARKY …to, you know, and then the streamer gets a

percentage of that. And I’ve been trying to figure out an exact breakdown of how much the streamer gets, like, is it 10%, 20%, da-da-duh-duh? I saw stuff that said Twitch would get-well, Twitch gets 1% and I’m like, that’s real dicey language.

SEEK3R Mm-hmm.

SHARKY [LAUGHS] In my opinion.

SEEK3R 1% of what, like…

SHARKY Yeah, like, 1% of what, so…

SEEK3R And are there fees applied to that? Are there

processing fees? ‘Cause, you know what I’m saying? That fine print, though.

SHARKY Right. It’s like, and this always happened, ‘cause

I remember this happenin’ with, like, Youtube. It’s always, “Oh yeah, we wanna open up-open up my invitation!”, “Open up my invitation!”, “Do it! Do it!”, “More affiliate programs!”, and then when it do, people are like, “What the heck?”, because y’all-I don’t know why y’all think this shit is sweet, like, oh, they opened it up and all of a sudden you just gonna be rollin’ in in dough. No! [LAUGHS]


SHARKY That might work for a few people that are, like, on

the cusp of being, like, like, blowin’ up, but if you were struggling before, you’re gon be struggling with these lil dicks.


SEEK3R Tchuh. Nothing has changed for you.

SHARKY So…now, Twitch does have a, um, partnership

program. Um, though…


SHARKY …how do you get Partner? I don’t know. I-I-I…I

don’t know.

SEEK3R Yes…it does-it does seem to, um, vary [LAUGHS] in

very, very polarizing ways, in terms of, uh, the partnership program, because I’ve definitely seen people who have not met any of the requirements be Partner…um, I definitely know of people who have exceeded [LAUGHS] the, um, the requirements and are still not partnered…

SHARKY But what are the requirements, though?

SEEK3R Well, when you-when you make it real vague-like,

you know what I mean? That’s what keeps it…[LAUGHS] that’s what keeps it hard. And like, you know, the-the-the and that’s-that’s why I call it, like, the dangling carrot, because what they say is, you know, they-they’ll evaluate and they’re looking for average concurrent viewership and stream frequency and schedule and content but I feel like the numerical portion of it, they’re never actually, like, really upfront because then, you know, of course they’d be held to it.

SHARKY Mm-hmm.

SEEK3R And it’s very much, I think, more based on [LAUGHS]

I try to choose my words carefully ‘cause I really don’t wanna, like, upset people or, like, say the wrong thing but it’s really about, like, what you can do for Twitch and how you’re benefiting them. I feel like the partnership program is really on some “Wish Upon A Star” stuff for us regular, smaller streamers, which is why I call it, like, the dangling carrot. I feel like it’s just not realistic. Twitch does have the numbers there but if you’re not giving us, like, firm guidelines and smaller streamers and even streamers who have been around since, like, JustinTV, are only now starting to get partnered, it’s kind of like, what-what are we doing here?


SHARKY Whew! Because I do want to talk about, and this

probably be later on, what partnership means beside the sub button-

SEEK3R Right.

SHARKY -because essentially, you are representing the


SEEK3R You are. Mm-hmm.

SHARKY And I don’t think people realize that. And the-

SEEK3R You now work for Twitch.

SHARKY Freelance, contract, what-what the hell ever they

wanna call it. But you represent-

SEEK3R Unpaid intern, whatever.


SEEK3R I like unpaid intern. For regular streamers.


SHARKY You represent the brand and that comes with a whole

‘nother can of worms that I don’t think people really wanna deal with, but they want the-the benefits that come with partnership. They don’t want to deal with the responsibilities that come with being a Partner.

SEEK3R Or the restrictions!

SHARKY The-true!

SEEK3R Because you can’t just act any old way, it’s-it’s really a two-way street, you do get partnered but there are rules, there are contracts, there are things that you now can and cannot do, so I feel like in people wanting to be Partner, they want the status of being partnered but they’re not quite understanding what that means on the back business end of things.

SHARKY Yup, and that’s why-and that’s one of the reasons

why I say that partnership is, for me, a marker of popularity, it really doesn’t mean anything because I do understand that it comes with restrictions that I don’t necessarily want to place on my brand at this moment.


SEEK3R I don’t want that. Not for me, I’m sorry.

SHARKY Yeah, like, I-I don’t because I feel like what I

can do is so much bigger than Twitch the Platform and I don’t want them-I don’t want them holding me to-I don’t want-I just-I don’t want it, I’m sorry. Like, [LAUGHS] maybe-and that can possibly change down the line, some things might change, you know what I’m sayin’? Circumstances, you know, whatever, that can possibly-but as of right now, it’s just like, I see what it’s about and nah, it ain’t that deep.

SEEK3R It’s not. Um, let’s, before, like, I will-I will

say this though, let’s talk about some of the cons of-not the cons, heh, I’m so ready to still rag on them…the pros of Twitch. The pros, I think…

SHARKY Why are we doing this? You gon really make us sit

here and make me think of the pros. Like, damn it-

SEEK3R Okay! Only because, only because, you know, we said

we were gonna be fair. We said we were gonna be fair.

SHARKY But I didn’t write-like, I have to sit here and

write some stuff.

SEEK3R No, no, no! You don’t have to write, I’m just

saying, like, just off the-off rip, like the-the pros…

SHARKY That’s what I’m saying, I can’t think of anything

off rip-

SEEK3R I gotchu, boo.

SHARKY -because dead-ass, Twitch ain’t doing shit-

SEEK3R Yo, she said, “I can’t think of anything”, I’m

dying! [LAUGHS]

SHARKY -’cause Twitch ain’t doing shit that these other

platforms are-can’t do and probably do it better. That’s-that’s the-

SEEK3R That’s-in comparison, that is true as hell, she’s

not lying. But the-the pro that I’m giving is also kinda like, it’s more like a “tuh”, more than a “pro”, it’s because they have been around so long and they have been in the niche for so long, the


numbers are there based on what they keep telling us.

SHARKY [LAUGHS] ‘Cause we don’t wanna talk about view bots

but go ‘head.

SEEK3R Yes, we don’t wanna talk about view bots right now

because I’m fake tryna keep it positive. Um, so according to, like, Twitch’s numbers that they released, like, the numbers are there. So, I understand why it’s a very, very appealing platform and why a lot of people who have spent time, spent years building on it, even if they have not gotten to where they wanted, are having a hard time with accepting that there-there are other options, because it’s kinda like, you’ve put all of your eggs in one basket and then you see all of these other nice ass baskets and you’re like, “shit”.


SEEK3R But we got views, though. It’s like, yeah, you got

views but are you getting those views? And then also the other thing is, the growth of the views because the views have been more or less the same without that much differential. So, unfortunately, from my perspective and again, disclaimer, I’m not an expert, from my perspective, I feel like, yes, the numbers are there but we’re not seeing continued aggressive growth in those numbers.

SHARKY As in, the viewers are coming in-‘cause it’s

actually slowed down.

SEEK3R Exactly.

SHARKY And I had-had an article, yeah, it was a-I guess

we’ll post an article it was from, um, I think it was the StreamLabs article because they were saying that more people were going to, um, Youtube Gaming to stream, however, the chances of making money are a lot higher at Twitch, which I’m tryna figure out, like, which Twitch?

SEEK3R Who said that?

SHARKY Who paid them to say-

SEEK3R Yeah!

SHARKY -who, like, who at Twitch paid them to say that,

because StreamLabs just now opened up, like,


recently opened up for Youtubers, so to make that assumption, when it’s like, you just now getting into the Youtube market to be used, that’s like silly, to like-whatever.

SEEK3R Yeah, we’re gonna “whatever” that.


SEEK3R Because I’m not even gonna get into that,



SEEK3R But yeah, that’s really, like, the only, like, pro

that I could, like, think of right off the bat, like, it’s-it’s accessible because it’s been around for a long time and a lot of people, you know what I mean, wanna go with that brand recognition, so like, I get that but, you know, we’re just here to let you know, like, don’t be afraid to, like, dip your toe elsewhere. And that’s not to say, “Oh, just stop streaming on Twitch”, no, we’re trying to give you all of this information so that you can find what works for you and you shouldn’t be afraid to try other, like, Twitch isn’t going anywhere.

SHARKY It’s not, no it’s not at all.

SEEK3R So, you-you hitting up another platform or two or

three or six to see how it works and if you like it, there’s nothing wrong with it, you really shouldn’t be afraid of doing so because the reality is, if you’re only building on Twitch and none of those viewers, none of your supporters are willing to support you on another brand, then what really is the strength of your community? Are you a Twitch streamer or are you a content creator and a streamer? Because if you are creating dope content and your community is dope and they’re really here for you, it’s really not going to matter what platform you’re on. They’re there for you, for what you’re bringing and don’t get me wrong, yes, there’s gonna be a drop off because Twitch is more popular, Youtube is more popular.

SHARKY Yeah, ‘cause people have their preferences.

SEEK3R Right!

SHARKY I know it’s just a theme, but…


SEEK3R Absolutely. But, how strong, again, is what you’re

building if Twitch decides that Twitch is no longer in existence tomorrow? What happens to your 5,000 followers? What have you been doing to ensure that you are capturing and engaging your community outside of the platform?

SHARKY No lies told.

SEEK3R But we’re gonna move on.


SEEK3R ‘Cause we-we’re getting too deep for right now,

we’re still going through all the-so, I’m just-I’m just gonna, like, cap real quick for those of you guys listening, we are gonna put like, some timestamps, um, for you guys to help out. Um, we are gonna cover-we just did Twitch, we’re gonna do Youtube and are we gonna do a little bit of Facebook Live?

SHARKY Yeah. I wanna-we wanna go ahead and do Youtube,

Beam and I wanna-I really want-do want to touch on Facebook.

SEEK3R And Beam, yes. Okay, so we’re gonna be doing

Twitch, Youtube, Beam and Facebook Live and then you’re gonna have to look out for another episode in the series where we cover some of the smaller brands. But now, moving on to Youtube.

SHARKY Alright, so Youtube launched Youtube Gaming

September 2015. Whoo, that’s so odd, I feel like this was just last year. [LAUGHS] Like, I feel like…

SEEK3R Me too! I-I was looking at the date, like, are you


SHARKY Yeah! That can’t-I-I think I’m wrong on that. I

have to be wrong on that.

SEEK3R Maybe they launched it but they didn’t start, like,

actually, like, brand rolling out and like, really popping it. You know what I mean? Like, for-for it to get, like, in front of us? Like, maybe we didn’t start seeing the money behind the, um, the launch until later on.



SEEK3R But I think that’s possible.

SHARKY So it-it could be right, I don’t know. Well, no,

actually 2015 does sound right, ‘cause-actua-I-yeah, I think-I don’t know, whatever. Anywho.


SHARKY Besides the point. Some of the features: now this

is one thing that had me cackling, what came through Youtube Gaming. ‘Cause with youtube Gaming, you can actually stream mobile games from your device on Youtube Gaming.


SHARKY And I didn’t realize that this wasn’t a thing on

Twitch until Pokemon Go. Because streamers on Twitch wanted to stream Pokemon Go but they had all this stuff that they had to carry [LAUGHS] with them to stream Pokemon Go and I had actually told a streamer, I was like, “Aye, so you know you can stream Pokemon Go from your mobile device?” and he was like, “Wait, word?” and I was just like, “Yeah, you don’t need all that equipment.” and he went on- hit, like, two, three buttons and then he was streaming Pokemon Go and had facecam and all.

SEEK3R Yup. Mm-hmm.

SHARKY And I said this before, or I said this on Twitter,

stuff-small stuff like this, is what I feel like is gonna hurt Twitch from-from continuing to be the top dog in game streaming. How do you miss something like that? When game streaming is so big? How do you miss something as small as that?

SEEK3R And mobile gaming is huge.


SEEK3R Honestly, there-there was a-there was a great

opportunity for, you know, a jump on that. Even beyond Pokemon Go. And in our other stream, we’re gonna talk about, um, another mobile streaming gaming site, um, that’s, you know, doing well also that launched around the same time, it was like, late 2015, early 2016? But I feel like that is a huge aspect that a lot of people miss or they don’t-they don’t really take seriously, but the demographic of like, folks that are playing games


on their phone now that your phones can do so much more, it’s only increasing.

SHARKY Mm-hmm.

SEEK3R So the market is there.

SHARKY Okay, so, stream from mobile devices, um, to the


SEEK3R Mm-hmm. Yeah.

SHARKY Um, you also all could do 4K streaming, so if you

got the–if you got the tech and you got the internet, you can do 4K streaming. Interesting. Um, [LAUGHS] it also has DVR features during livestreams and I personally appreciate this as a viewer because sometimes I might come in a few minutes late or sometimes something funny might happen and I wanna replay it and watch it, like, I really appreciate the DVR feature when it-for the livestreams as a viewer. As a streamer, maybe it helps, maybe-I don’t know, I’ve never really factored that in as a streamer but as a viewer, definitely liked that. Um, Youtube also provides analytics but their demographic information-they provide age, gender, location and device used. And if you connect your account to Google Analytics you can get a tad bit more information about the demographics, um, about the people that visit your platform. Again, very helpful for when you want to get, um, sponsors. Which is why I kinda like Youtube’s analytics a tad bit better because, I can, like, give a picture of who my audience is. As opposed to Twitch, I can just tell you the number of people in there but I can’t tell you anything about them. And me going to a company with that, they’re gonna, like, “well-well how do I know that these numbers of people-how do I know that my product is for them?” You know?

SEEK3R Mm. Exactly.

SHARKY How do I know that these are the people that I wanna reach? So there’s that. Also, one of the things that I do take into consideration when it comes to Youtube is searchability on various search engines. Because if you get the views and your SEO, meaning the, um, information that you put in your description and text and stuff is poppin’, you can find yourself highly ranked on the first page of a


Google search. You can do that. If somebody searches for a game, like, enter in your favorite game and see what videos pop up and what platform they’re on. I rest my case! Alright, so…


SHARKY [LAUGHS] Also, um, you can monetize videos. Now

fairly recently, Youtube has changed the rules to where you have to have 10,000 overall views before you can monetize your channel. And I know people are like, “Oh, man, this restriction, what the heck!”, and let me go ahead and tell you, if you-if you have less than 10K overall views, you’re not making money. So why you bitchin’?

SEEK3R Step your content up.

SHARKY Not even steppin’-it’s just-it’s just a fact, you

can have dope content-


SHARKY -but if you don’t have like-like, if you have less

than 10K overall views?


SHARKY You’re not gettin’-you’re not getting a check.

Like, period. Like, you’re barely getting a penny. Like, I’ve been on Youtube and I’ve seen it enough to realize, like, so what if you can’t monetize your video? If you could, you’re not going to make any money off of it anyways because you don’t have the views to get the, um, money. Now, the next thing is Youtube had-and I just recently found out that they discontinued their fan-funding in February 2017 but basically fan-funding is what allowed people to basically support your content. You know, you had a little button and they could donate however amount of dollars to your, um, channel or to your stream. Which I kinda like because it was one of them things where if people, like, regularly watch your videos but they don’t watch your livestreams, they could still donate, you know, like, “Oh, you know what, I like this, let me go ahead and donate some coins.” You know?

SEEK3R Right. But don’t they have that, uh, super chat

thing? Is that something that’s only linked to certain kinds of streams?



SEEK3R ‘Cause I noticed that. So…I’m sorry, can you

clarify, love? I’m sorry, you’re the Youtube god, you gotta-[LAUGHS]

SHARKY [LAUGHS] Super chat is, if I’m not mistaken, you

have to have over 1,000 subscribers.

SEEK3R Okay. That’s fair.

SHARKY To activate-yeah, yeah, to activate super chat.

SEEK3R That’s fair.


SEEK3R And Super chat is pretty much, uh, it’s a built-in

donation-type tipping function where it’s right underneath, like, the-the chat tab where you would type and it just has a little dollar sign and you can just click on it, it comes up, like, right away. I love the integration of that, it’s so smooth.

SHARKY Yes, the fact that they have built in donations-and

honestly, 1,000 subscribers is-is, okay, lemme not say this, ‘cause it’s a lot when you just starting off, it’s really a lot but then, when you look at the bigger picture, it’s really not.

SEEK3R Yeah, when you’re streaming consistently and you’re

putting out content, like, for me, it seems like a lot. Why? ‘Cause I rarely, rarely ever use Youtube. It’s only now that I’m starting to, you know what I mean, use Youtube, but I’m at about 1,000 plus on Twitch and it’s been a while since I’ve been streaming consistently in the crazy way that I used to, so I feel like it’s a very manageable number, I feel like it’s a very, very, fair and manageable number.

SHARKY Yeah, I think it is, too.

SEEK3R I think, like, because one, it gives you a little

bit of incentive, like, hey, yeah, it is gonna take you a little bit of work to get here but once you get there, I mean, hey, you poppin’.

SHARKY Yeah. And-I-I just like they have a built-in

donation system. How that’s not available on-


SEEK3R Elsewhere. [LAUGHS]

SHARKY -Yeah. Okay.


SHARKY Another thing that they have that other people

might not know about that I am pretty much a fan of is Youtube Bootcamp. And if you don’t know Youtube Bootcamp, it is basically, like, a series of videos, um, questions, like, I mean, quizzes, it’s really, like, a workshop to help you better figure out Youtube and figure out the best ways to promote and to share and how to set up your content to best succeed on Youtube. It is not saying that, yeah, if you do all these steps, you’re guaranteed success. No, it fits kinda like a guideline and a rubric, them saying that, look, we notice that channels-very popular channels do this, so, you know if you, you know, wanna increase your chances or have a better chance or if you-we know you wanna try something new then try doing this on your channel to see what happens. It’s very, very valuable information in my opinion. It’s nice of them to give you a leg up. They don’t have to do that. I like it.

SEEK3R Definitely, yes. And I think that speaks to the-the

platform being a larger platform and having, you know what I mean, experience with all types of video content, I feel like that definitely has helped them really narrow down, like, what the community needs and, you know, as they grow and I really, really appreciate that out of Youtube.

SHARKY Alright, so the next platform we’re gonna get into

is Beam.

SEEK3R Ultralight Beam, honestly, like…

SHARKY [LAUGHS] Beam was launched January 5, 2016. This is

still so wild to me, ‘cause this is last year.

SEEK3R Brand. Spanking. New.

SHARKY Brand. Spanking. ‘Kay? Just coming out the womb, I

can barely see yet. And the stuff that they are doing and that they are-that they plan on doing, it’s, like, y’all are just a year in. It’s legit, like, okay, this platform is dropping the ball here, so we’re gon do it here.


SEEK3R Mm-hmm. Yeah, they-the way that Sharky and I

discussed it is, they are coming for Twitch’s jugular and we’re gonna help them hold Twitch down because I’m here for all of it. I really, really am. Like, they are not only, I think, connecting with the community, but they’re definitely on the ball with what the community needs to be functional and definitely what’s missing.

SHARKY It is really on Microsoft to fuck this up.

SEEK3R Girl.

SHARKY That’s it, it is on them to fuck this up. That’s

the only way I see it is if they fuck-like, it’s on them. So…

SEEK3R And let’s hope they’re not. So, the-that’s-though

the reason why we mention Microsoft is if you don’t know, Microsoft recently, like, acquired them and now there’s full Microsoft, like, integration so it’s not just XBox Live integration, it’s Microsoft accounts, so eventually what they’re working on is pretty much, regardless of what Microsoft device you have, that you’d be able to get it on and poppin’.

SHARKY And let me give you a little bit of information

about what my-from me watching Beam grow.

SEEK3R Mm-hmm.

SHARKY Um, ‘cause when I first heard about Beam, I’m

always the type to look at, you know, to see what platform is coming out there. That’s just how I am, I feel like that’s very, very important if I want to be in this business. So I was watching an interview with the founder…I forgot his name. Sue me. Um, [LAUGHS]


SHARKY But anywho…[LAUGHS]

SEEK3R Don’t. We don’t got money.

SHARKY But anywho…the thing that he drove home was that he

wanted Beam to be an interactive experience, not only for the streamer, but for the viewer as well. Basically meaning that he wants to see it get to the point where the viewer impacts the gameplay. To hear that in 2016 and then not even a full year


later to hear that they were acquired by Microsoft…I’m gon need y’all to picture this! Like, picture it like Sophia.


SHARKY Do-do y’all really-do y’all understand-

SEEK3R I don’t think they do. They don’t.

SHARKY -I don’t think y’all understand the possibilities!

Microsoft has a gaming studio! They have a streaming service, the founder wanted to have the viewers impact gameplay. They have all the pieces to actually do that shit.

SEEK3R And now they got the money. To im-now they have the

money and the resources to implement it on every Microsoft device, like, honestly, like, okay, so when you guys are listening to this stream, like, I need you guys to, like, go back and, like, hear that again. They have the money and they’re going to integrate this on every Microsoft device. We’re gonna post in the show notes-they have, um, this awesome roadmap, is what they call it, where they show all of their available features, but because they’re really, really ‘bout it, ‘bout it, they show us all of the-this-the features they’re working on that’s coming soon. Listen. Twitch-Twitch is right to be scared because Beam-Beam is shaking the table. They’re shaking every table. Every table.

SHARKY Every. Table. And, yeah, you can do other, uh, they do allow, like, other creator streams…

SEEK3R Yes, they do.

SHARKY …but the-I do feel like their focus…their


SEEK3R Yes, is on esports and gaming.

SHARKY …and gaming. Which I kinda-which I appreciate and

hope they still keep that in mind because again, it’s on them to mess this up. Forreal, forreal. So, with Beam, they do have, um, integrated bot settings. Now, I’ve never streamed on Beam but Seek3r has, so maybe she can tell you a little more about the integrated bot settings.


SEEK3R So the integrated bot settings are super easy. So

when you set up your account which, again, very easy and if you already are on PC or you have Xbox Live, all I did was link my channel. I linked my gamertag. That was it. Seek3r. It’s there already. Um, when you go to your “Manage Channel” and you’re setting it up for the first time, it gives you everything that you would need, mind you, on one page. It has your, like, stream key, for your, like, stream setup, everything right there for you so you don’t have to do anything crazy. You can change your title, your game, you can be sure to make sure you put like, hey, is this, like, a…adult, you know, content stream, is it rated-18 or over, whatever. You can set the-the text that you want when you link your shared, you know, social media services right-and this is all on the same screen, ladies and gentlemen. Then, on the right-

SHARKY Wait a minute, so I don’t have to, like, copy the

link and then go and enter in a custom message, wait, what?

SEEK3R No. No. No. This all on the same screen. Yes. So,

it’s all on the same screen, so, you have your broadcast information on the left, your game, your title, the shared text, and then on the right-hand side of the screen, it has your basic things, like, you can customize the host message from right there. So, it’ll say, “Thank you so much for hosting the stream”, you can change that there. You can, um, when you’re hosting someone, you can also change that message from right there. Subscriber announcement texts, follower texts, all in that same screen that I’m talking about where you change your title. That has your stream key, that has all of that information. Also on that screen you can select if you wanna keep, you know, the VODs of your streams and if you want to do things like, mute other streams while you’re streaming, all of that is in one place. I know that seem-it seems, like, I’m, like, crazy excited about it, and I am. Why? Because a lot of streaming services, you would either have to use a bot to manage or be on a third-party site, period, to manage all of these things at once and that is just on your initial setup screen, fam. You can go-

SHARKY And I know-oh, what?


SEEK3R -and you can tab right over to the customize for

your manage channel and there you can fill out your profile, you can throw up your avatar, you can throw, you know, your channel intro, like your profile that people see, you can link all of your social media, you can change your background and all of this is in one set of tabs, so the first tab is broadcast that has all of your stream settings, the second tab is customize and then the third tab is your VODs which stay for 14 days automatically. And that’s just one tab, guys.


SEEK3R You don’t have to go anywhere else. The other

option that you have right underneath that tab is, of course, your analytics. Which-it breaks it down by the minute if you want. They do a very, very, very good job of making sure that you know exactly how many views you’re getting, how many views of those are unique, your follows and again, down to the minute. Like, I’m sitting here and I just selected ‘one minute’ and it was like, one view. So, it’s very, for me, as someone that has used Twitch for years, someone that’s experimented with Youtube Gaming, the ease of setup and the ability to pretty much just set it and forget it, with Beam, just with these basic settings and they-they really have, like, a whole page of stuff that they’re, like, “Oh, we’re working on it”. Just these basic settings, you would have to, like I said, have a third-party bot, which, there are still bots available, or you would have to do, like, I would, you know, go to, um, MooBot’s, um, main page for Twitch and use MooBot to set all these things because sometimes the Twitch dashboard don’t really be liking me like that and it won’t change the information. So to have all of these things in one place and to make it so easy and intuitive even if you don’t know where everything is, there-there aren’t too many crazy options on your screens so you’re not really gonna get lost in it the way that you might get lost in another platform. It’s like, you click on your profile, it’s like, hey, you wanna set up the stream? You wanna view your analytics? You wanna look at your videos? What do you wanna do, boo? We here. What you want? Like, that’s really the way that it is and it even has, like, your partnership, like, information, like, right there, so if you wanna


read about being a partner, you don’t have to go search around, do you know what I mean? All of that is right there under your profile when you click your name.

SHARKY And I know people are like, oh, well, I can-I can

get those free bots for, you know, Twitch and Youtube-

SEEK3R You could.

SHARKY -here’s the thing, you could, but you don’t want a

whole bunch of third-party apps messing in your stuff.

SEEK3R Mm-hmm. No.

SHARKY Because at any time, they can change their privacy

settings and screw you the hell over and you allowed access to your, um, stream.

SEEK3R Absolutely.

SHARKY Not only that, they can turn around and say, “Hey,

we wanna charge for this”, and then what are you gonna do?

SEEK3R Now you have to figure out a new way to do all of

those things.

SHARKY Exactly.

SEEK3R And-and that’s an issue for streamers on Twitch

because I know I’ve personally gone through several bots where I feel like I can’t get one bot that does everything. I have MooBot. I couldn’t do NightBot ‘cause NightBot used to just ban people, Night-it was NightBot’s stream, it wasn’t my stream.


SEEK3R NightBot does whatever. And then there’s like,

RevBot, there’s AnkhBot, which got discontinued, so a lot of people end up having to use multiple bots to be able to get the functionality of these things that are quote, unquote, standard on Twitch. And Beam is like, nah, just do it right here.

SHARKY Mm-hmm. Yep.


SEEK3R And we’ll-we’ll definitely link that, because

there’s a lot of features and a lot of upcoming features. We would be here for too long if we went through all of them one-by-one.

SHARKY Yeah. Yeah.

SEEK3R But we do-you do have your basic features. Oh, the

one thing we did not mention about Twitch, but I guess maybe we feel like every should know by now, is that they did allow you to start uploading videos.

SHARKY Oh! Yeah. Yeah, but-

SEEK3R Yeah, but that’s standard now, so it’s kinda like,

okay, you did that but okay, everybody do that. [LAUGHS]

SHARKY But who’s really lookin’ on Twitch for videos? They

go to Youtube.

SEEK3R Exactly. And the other thing that I-I failed to

mention about Twitch, too, is the highlight system, which I like that you can highlight and automatically export to Youtube. That’s pretty dope.

SHARKY Mm-hmm.

SEEK3R But again, like, how many people are really going to be, like, searching through your highlights on Twitch if you don’t have, like, x kind of following.

SHARKY Yep. And clips, I do like clips.

SEEK3R Yeah, clips are dope. And you should be doing that,

you should definitely be-be clipping your-your work.

SHARKY Yeah, I’m still kinda-there are some questions I have about clips, ‘cause I feel like, if someone clips a video of your stream, you should be able to-it should be like a list of stuff that people have clipped of your stream.

SEEK3R Yes. I-I feel weird about everybody being able to

clip my stream and me not really having any kind of, knowledge or know.



SEEK3R Because at the-at the end of it, that’s still my

content, it’s still what I’m putting out. Yes, it’s up in a public space, yes, it’s great that people wanna, like, you know, share my work, but you never know the context in which people are sharing and or stealing, to be quite frank.


SEEK3R You don’t know where that content is gonna go

after, so yeah, that lack of control and that lack of information is a little bit sketchy and I don’t think it’s all the way a good thing. I feel like if people do make clips like you said, Sharky, it should-there should be, like, another tab, like, other than highlights or your videos where it’s like, oh, clips of my stream. You know what I mean?

SHARKY Yes. Mm-hmm.

SEEK3R Like, since they’re pushing this, like, Communities

thing and they’re tryna make it, like, Facebook, where you could like, whisper people and do all this like, wild stuff.

SHARKY I know.

SEEK3R Like, there-there should be a way to tie that in.

SHARKY And I know it’s because-they did it because of Odd

Shot but I’m like, I wasn’t really fucking with Odd Shot, either. So…


SHARKY Here we are. [LAUGHS]

SEEK3R Here we are.

SHARKY [LAUGHS] Um, Beam does have a partnership program.

SEEK3R They do.

SHARKY Um, and then I’m-I guess I’m gonna read this


SEEK3R Mm-hmm.

SHARKY Starting May 15th, after March 15th, 750 followers with 50 active viewers/chatters, you get the grace period because they appreciate and understand the


grind, da-da-duh-duh. [LAUGHS] Yup. Yeah, yeah, pretty much that’s, like, uh, their new guidelines to become Partner.

SEEK3R Yeah, that’s their “new”, because before I think,

it was only 300 followers?


SEEK3R And they just upped it but they’re saying if you

created your account, um, it-by March 15, that they’re gonna give you that grace period anyway until August-I’m sorry, my notes are a little bit unclear, Sharky.


SEEK3R So, yeah, they’re saying if-if you made-if you made

your account March 15th of this year and before, they’re still gonna allow you that grace period up until August 15th but starting May, it’s going to be the 750 followers with the 500 active viewers and that’s really fair and very doable. Like, y’all need to get on that.

SHARKY I think it’s very doable. And-and trust, it’s going

to go up. I know people are, like-’cause I know when it went up this time around, it’s gone a couple of times, I think but people-when people are like, “Oh my gosh, it’s going up”, yes, it has to go up particularly with more and more people into the platform. When more of our people-yes, it has to go up, they have to keep the partnership program somewhat exclusive.


SHARKY Because you’re representing the brand, you know? So

they need a way to keep some kind of exclusiv-exclusivity so that what they can have some kind of, I guess, yeah, some kind of control over who their Partners are and what their partners represent. Um, yeah, and also they just recently had a, uh, a cast of video of their new partnership requirements explaining that and explaining their process-some of their process of, you know, how they go about selecting Partners and if you are poppin’ on another platform and you’re considering coming to Beam and you wanna be Partner, they do


take that into consideration. Um, their rules for that are a little bit more strict, you know?

SEEK3R Which is fair, I feel like.

SHARKY Yeah, it’s very fair.

SEEK3R It’s-Yeah, it is and I’ll-I’ll-I’ll jet some of

those out ‘cause I still have that link open. Um, so for people that are coming from other, um, platforms, um, 15k followers and 75+ concurrent viewers in chat for streaming platforms and then 50k followers and 7k average views per video for the video platform. And that’s what they’re saying would pretty much get you automatically moved up to the top of the review list, like, meeting that. But, in the video, they did talk about-and we’ll link that too, because we’re awesome and we love you guys and our show notes are poppin’. We’ll link you guys to that video but they definitely do discuss how, you know, they do go about with the selection process and they’re a little bit more transparent about, you know, what they want and what they’re looking for with that.

SHARKY Mm-hmm.

SEEK3R So maybe if you’re a little bit below that, I don’t

see it being an issue, you know, unless you are a lot below that and then not getting, like, the concurrent views or, like, and your video averages are not, you know what I mean, 7k.

SHARKY Mm-hmm.

SEEK3R But I can see them being, like, really really dope

with that based on, you know, the video that we watched. A partnership video.

SHARKY And if you can probably show engagement in other

areas, other platforms, like, hey, on Twitter this is my engagement, this is my followers, you know, or on Facebook this is what I’ve got going, da-da-duh-duh-duh, I’m pretty sure they’ll take those things into consideration and that’s why I say that analytics is so important when picking a platform.


SHARKY So important, because those things do matter.


SEEK3R They do matter and they did talk about it, there being an interview process. It’s not just, like, oh, you submit and it’s a yes or a no. So they will let you know, like, hey, we got it, you know, we’re gonna be reviewing it and then they reach out and they discuss these things with you. So I feel like that alone…[LAUGHS]


SEEK3R …okay, it kinda seems like I’m stanning for Beam and maybe I’m getting there. I’m gonna be using it definitely a lot more, um, because the options are just-they’re too good, they’re too good.


SEEK3R And I’m-I’m tired of Twitch treating me like an

abusive lover, I’m over that.


SEEK3R I’m over it, like, I found new love, they treating me right, they bring flowers home every night, why am I-why am I goin’ over to Twitch to get my stream kicked off after an hour? Why?

SHARKY And it looks crisp. Like, there’s a difference when

you watch a stream on Twitch versus when you watch it on Beam-it’s crisp.

SEEK3R It’s so crispy! The colors are so vibrant. Yo, it

really shocked me, you know?


SEEK3R The first time…[LAUGHS]…the first time I did a

test stream, ‘cause you know I did Overwatch, ‘cause I’m like, man, the frame rate about to drop, like, I had all of these, you know what I mean, ‘cause I’m so accustomed to things maybe not always going the way that I want them to with Twitch, so I just had all of these, like, huh, this is probably gonna happen or, huh, frame rate is gonna drop or it’s not gonna look as nice and I was like, oh, that shut me up. All the way up. I was like, dang guys, y’all need to stream on Beam. [LAUGHS]


SEEK3R That was really me. That was really me the next day and of course, I had to-had to do the inevitable. I


had to tell Sharky, “Yeah, remember when you told me about Beam last year and I told you, ‘I don’t wanna hear that’”? Yeah, I love it now.


SEEK3R ‘Cause Sharky really is a phrophet, she really does

tell us these things, like, she did, like, make us all sign up for Beam, like, last year and we never used it.


SEEK3R But here we are.

SHARKY I told-I said, I was like…


SHARKY …yes, all the platforms. You need to know, you

need to get a feel for what’s out there.

SEEK3R All the platforms.

SHARKY So, the next platform, because we are, kinda like,

we are in the hour.

SEEK3R Oh! Okay, okay, yeah, we’re knocking on that

and-and we not gonna do that no more.


SEEK3R And that’s me knocking on wood because we not-we not gonna do 2-hour streams no more. We promise. Okay.

SHARKY Yeah. Um-

SEEK3R Facebook Live.

SHARKY Ooh, I was about to say, Facebook Live, alright?


SEEK3R Spicy! Yes. Saucy!

SHARKY I know people, um, if you’re not into game

streaming, if you don’t-if you’re kinda like, kinda on-if you’re just fairly new to it, I know you’re like, Facebook? Facebook? Facebook? Yes, Facebook. Here’s the thing: any live-streaming service can stream video games.


SEEK3R Yeah.

SHARKY Like…I’m pretty sure…I will bet all the money I

don’t have that people were streaming games on Facebook before it became, like, uh, and-I’ll quote, “official” thing you could do. Because that’s just how it is. It’s like, you have an audience, you talk about gaming, um, content, Facebook has a livestream service, if you know how to get around it, the next logical thing is just be able to stream. You know? That’s just the next logical, you know, well, let me stream to this audience, like, why would I go to Twitch or why would I go to Youtube when I could just stream to them right here now? Um, and then back in June 2016, uh, Facebook did-which I feel like this shouldn’t have gone down…[LAUGHS] but Facebook had a deal with Blizzard, um, the makers of Overwatch.


SHARKY To where, yeah, to where you can, um, integrate

with-pretty much, Facebook Live was integrated into the game so basically you could stream Overwatch to Facebook through the game system, the structure. Am I saying that right?

SEEK3R Yes, you can. So if, like, it’s definitely, um,

more geared toward, uh, console players which, tuh, that makes sense, right?

SHARKY Mm-hmm.

SEEK3R Um, but it is integrated within the game. So the

same way you would, like, select, like, Twitch or Youtube or whatever, it’s just, like, Facebook Live…


SEEK3R …is what my understanding of, like, what it looks

like when you’re going live.

SHARKY And then reading further into Facebook Live, if I’m not mistaken, it can either show up on your profile or if you have, like, a group or an event or something like that, the stream can also show there.

SEEK3R Which I like.



SEEK3R Because, you know what? I get it. So, a lot of

people, myself included, I’m probably never gonna explore the Facebook option because family. I’m good. Not that I don’t like them or love them but, you know, I’m Caribbean, they don’t get gaming as a thing like that, it’s just gonna be like, hella aunties, like, “oh, what you doing, you play video games? What-what kind game is this?”


SEEK3R Like, it’s not gonna work out. But, the way you

work around that…[LAUGHS]…the way that you work around that is create a Facebook group for yourself, for your brand, for your channel and then you do it that way. You create a page, you create a group-we really be here giving y’all the tips. Y’all are gonna need us to run us some coin, I’m not-I’m not even tryna be funny. Create the group, create the page that way there is some separation for your brand, that way you do actually have a platform on Facebook outside of your actual profile to connect and engage with people and to build. ‘Cause there is a huge-there is a huge audience there, there are huge demographics there. I know it’s a little bit scary getting past the, “Oh, but these people know me in real life” but there are ways that you can do that and-and mitigate that sort of, you know, that intimacy between the people that you follow and follow you versus the stream and the brand that you’re trying to build.

SHARKY And if-and if the people that, you’re, that follow

you on Facebook are people that you’ve grown up with and played video games with, that is so much easier to get them engaged in your stream and to have them share than a stranger.

SEEK3R Exactly. Yes, it is.

SHARKY Like, forreal, forreal.

SEEK3R Because they might not know it, but they’ll be

like, yo, my friend’s streaming, whatever the fuck, go look at it.

SHARKY Yeah! Or like, oh, I remember this game and they’re

in your chat, y’all sittin’ there kiki-in’, shootin’ the shits and then they go, lemme go ahead


and share this real quick and it reposts to their followers. And if your content is bangin’, that’s like, the-the exponential growth is like, mind-boggling.

SEEK3R Yeah.

SHARKY Also with, uh, Facebook, we’re not gonna forget

analytics. Facebook know all your business.

SEEK3R [LAUGHS] All of it.

SHARKY They can tell you age, location, jobs, gender and

whatever the hell people decide to post on Facebook at the time they freaking got it. [LAUGHS] Which is like, scary, which is why I don’t have Facebook anymore. Um…[LAUGHS]…but yeah, the breakdown for analytics is a lot, uh, I would say, Facebook is the best for that, in my opinion.

SEEK3R Yeah, for the breakdown. Definitely.


SHARKY ‘Cause the-the amount of information that people

are willing, um, to share. And again, I haven’t-and, well, not yet, but I have no experience streaming live on Facebook. People have but this is something fairly new that they’re pushing out that gamers can do. Uh, I had an article, I don’t know why I didn’t put it in here. Um, but I’m pretty sure it’s in the hashtag that I put in the show notes but a big, uh, company decided to do multistreaming on Twitch and Facebook. So yeah, they-people are recognizing Facebook Live as a legitimate contender for game streaming, ‘cause it is.

SEEK3R It is.

SHARKY It is. Like I said before, like, let’s be real.

Like, with Twitch, all they really were providing was just, okay, well, you can just go live. No real additional features that would have them stand out as a true gaming-as a true game streaming site. They didn’t-I just feel like they didn’t do that. So it made it-it makes it so much easier for a Youtube, for a Facebook, you know, for somebody else to just come in and say, well, look, we’re just gonna do livestreaming. We’re gonna do it, but


we have livestreaming but you can do games on here, too.

SEEK3R Right.

SHARKY You know?

SEEK3R And then, I think, too, it also works, like, if

you’re-you sort of do multifaceted videos, not just gaming. I think Facebook works out, too, for that. Because, yeah, you have Twitch Creative and yeah, there’s Youtube, you can, um, you know, just throw up videos but I feel like it’s, uh, a unique opportunity for folks who maybe do stream not just, you know, games, also, ‘cause you-there’s multiple layers of building you can do on the platform.

SHARKY Yup. And think about how easy that is for people

who use Facebook frequently to also where they don’t have to leave Facebook to interact with, um, the streamer nor the people in that community. They don’t have to leave Facebook. Like, with Twitch, Twitch is working on that now, but I’m just like, that’s not your lane, but whatever. Twitch is working on that now but before a lot of people were going to, like, Discord.

SEEK3R Right.

SHARKY You know, doing things like that to interact. Um,

with Facebook, it has the potential to where you can just do all of that in one spot. You don’t have to leave, you don’t have to send a [?] at the service to-to stay connected to your community. Something to look at.

SEEK3R Yes, definitely.

SHARKY Um, do we want to talk about, um, Restream?

SEEK3R Um, yeah, well, we’ll just tell them what it is

basically and then we’ll, I think, maybe for the next in the series when we talk about the smaller platforms, we’ll get into why it’s, you know, as important.

SHARKY Yeah. Um, so basically, um, Restream is a service

that allows you to [LAUGHS] restream your content.

SEEK3R Yeah.


SHARKY So you’ll have the ability to stream on Twitch,

Youtube, Beam and Facebook all at the same time.

SEEK3R And literally dozens of others. It’s-it’s really,

honestly, truly, until I looked through the-the Restream options list, that I was like, wow, there’s even more options than I even thought. Um, and the way that it works is pretty much like any catch-all program, like, you would log in, link your accounts, and you would go live from there. Um, I did set it up with relative ease through my Elgato, um, you would have to use the RTMP option because it’s not, uh, it’s not in just, like, the branded, like, dropdowns, I think. Like, it is there sometimes but isn’t always there, I think Elgato’s about to update. Um, but you can use either one of those options and I used it and it was really smooth and really easy and, and because they’re dope, it’s still currently free and they have a, sort of like an app, like a desktop kinda app that you can download where it puts all of the chats from all of the platforms that you’re streaming in in the same place. How dope is that?

SHARKY Mm-hmm. I would definitely hop on Restream now and

I guess I’ll save this when we’re talking about, like, the smaller, the what you-why would you consider streaming here, here and here episode.

SEEK3R Yeah.

SHARKY Yeah, I’ll do that. Um, so I guess the next one?

The next question or…[LAUGHS]

SEEK3R Well, uh, anymore questions? I’m like, what? That’s


SHARKY ‘Cause like, I saw you typing. [LAUGHS]

SEEK3R No, no, no, that-that was just me, that’s just me,

like, actually, like, using my touchpad, ‘cause, you know, I’ve been known to type heavy like Kermit on the keyboard, so I’m trying to, like, use my touchpad to, like, scroll and make sure that we got everything and I think we did in terms of, like, covering the platforms.

SHARKY Mm-hmm.

SEEK3R What I want to encourage, though, is since you guys

now know that this, the “Diversify Your Platforms”


is gonna be a series, if you have questions, if you have thoughts, please use the TM Pod hashtag, hashtag T-M-P-O-D and ask us your questions, ‘cause if we don’t know, we gon’ find out.


SEEK3R That that’s what we’re here for. And then also, I

think, Sharky, you should get into the new hashtag that we have going on and let’s talk a little bit about, like, the new things that we’re doing in terms of content for TM.

SHARKY Yeah, okay so the new hashtag is, write this down,

it’s T-M-N-Y-S-K and that stands for “Thumbstick News You Should Know”. And basically we’re just, um, we’re just basically sharing industry news pertaining to stream platforms, uh, pertaining to-I-I wanna say the back end.

SEEK3R Yeah.

SHARKY Because it’s not about the games. Like, I don’t-we

don’t really-

SEEK3R Yeah. Ain’t no game news.

SHARKY Yeah. Ain’t no game news. It’s really about the platforms, the industry, things that can really affect you as a streamer or things-

SEEK3R And the culture behind it, so the cultural changes,

looking at trends and I have to say, y’all should be really, honestly, truly following our SharkysHood on Twitter anyway because she’s always amazing and spotting those trends, like, she really is a prophet. Like, I’ve started to say that because a lot of the things that she was saying, like, last year, I’m like, wow, okay, um…[LAUGHS]…here we are. So, um, definitely, uh, check out the hashtag, definitely be following our Sharky anyway ‘cause she be havin’ that heat.

SHARKY And honestly, I-I was just like, kinda like,

anytime she said that I was just like, “okay, whatever, whatever”, I still say, “whatever, whatever”, but when I-I had a moment on Twitter- was it yesterday?-where I had to talk my shit. And me talking my shit was retweeting everything I said since 2015. [LAUGHS]


SEEK3R Mm-hmm.

SHARKY And then, I had only started-I started streaming,

I’ve only been streaming for like, what, two years now, maybe going on three? Yeah, I think I started streaming 2014, so I was only barely even a year in and I was calling stuff.

SEEK3R Mm-hmm.

SHARKY Barely even a year in and people are like, well,

how do you know this? How do you-because I read the articles! I keep up on the industry! I keep up!

SEEK3R Don’t believe me? Just watch. Don’t believe me?

Just watch. Really, that’s, like, her theme song, really, truly.


SEEK3R Um, and I think-I think it’s important if you are doing this in any kind of serious capacity, that, again, and we-we say-I-I feel like we’ve said this it, like, four times already and this-in this podcast, we say it a lot: you have to be a student of the industry. You have to understand the culture, there is nuance there, it does matter, it does factor into your success or your lack of success. So you need to be reading these articles, you need to understand the culture, not only of the games that you’re playing, but the culture of broadcasting, streaming and content creating. So that’s what we’re hoping to do with the new hashtag. To give you guys the insight, to allow you to make, you know, better decisions and come to better conclusions and to understand sometimes where we’re getting the information from because it’s not no super-secret, like, meeting where, like, you know, we all [LAUGHS] like, we all wear, like, robes and meet up in, like, a grove and, like, you know, people tell us these things. It’s because we’re actively searching and looking because we need to know what’s next, we wanna know what’s next and that’s really the only way you’re gonna grow. Do not mistake reaching the level of success you have for that being the end of the road. Success is something that’s present and continuous and in an industry like this, it’s always growing, so you also have to grow as well.


SHARKY Mm-hmm. So with that, I guess I can go into my,

like, extra throught.

SEEK3R Um, actually, no.


SEEK3R No, I think that you should do the-the questions

for-to give people an idea of what they should be thinking about for this stream and for the next stream. The questions you should ask yourself?

SHARKY Oh, ok! Well, we had-it was there and then you

skipped to the hashtag and so I was like…[LAUGHS]

SEEK3R Because, you know what I’m sayin’, like, I do what

I want, know what I’m sayin’, like, I see the outline but I skips anyway. Aight, go ‘head. No, it’s because I would talk about the TM Pod hashtags and then I wanted to do the other hashtag, that’s what it is.


SEEK3R My crazy-it makes sense to me, you guys forget that

I’m all the way off. Go ‘head.

SHARKY Alright, so questions you should ask yourself,

‘cause I know, like, all this information, we have this series. We’ve named four livestreams-we’ve named-well, we named four platforms that you can livestream on and then the next one, we’re gonna name a few that are indie or we’ll call them quote, unquote, indie, ‘cause they’re not indie, really they’re just smaller and a couple of others that you might not think about. But I know you’re thinking, well, hell, which platform should I pick? And there are a lot of things that you should think about when trying to choose a platform. One of the main things, if you already have a current community, where are you poppin’ the most? Like, are you poppin’ on Youtube? You know, are you poppin’ on Twitch? Are you poppin’ on Facebook? Like, if you have a poppin’ gaming community already on Facebook, then it would just make sense to, like, just, you know, go to Facebook. Try it out, you know? Also, what would be easy for you to use? Because on some of these platforms, unless you have a PC to stream to these livestream forms, you wouldn’t be able to stream. You know, if you just have your console, then you could only stream onto


services that allow you to stream on them with just a click of a button. You know?

SEEK3R Right.

SHARKY And then, also look at your habits when it comes to

using social media and how you like to engage with your audience. Like, if you like to have a close-knit community where you talk about everything, you talk about gaming, da-da-duh-duh and you just wanna share and this-that-that, maybe Facebook, you know? If you wanna, um, create a community-based on people that you already know, maybe Facebook? If you wanna reach out to newer people, maybe you don’t want such a close-knit community, you know, you’re more focused on something else, you want to do videos and da-da-duh-duh, then maybe Youtube Gaming, you know? So that’s something I think you should think about. Um, but at the end of the day, you could probably use all of them ‘till you figure it out which-through Restream.

SEEK3R Yeah, you can definitely use, I-I would advise,

even if you’re not gonna use Restream, if you’re intimidated by it, which you shouldn’t be, ‘cause it’s really easy to set up, I would still recommend trying all of them.

SHARKY Mm-hmm.

SEEK3R Why? Because you never know.

SHARKY Never know.

SEEK3R And also, as you’re building and growing your

brand, you want to be affiliated and associated with the company that really shares your vision and your ideas, not just right now in this present moment, but what you’re building into.

SHARKY Mm-hmm. And another thing you wanna think about is,

um, I call it “active and passive income” and I would break it down to, like this: when it comes to a lot of streaming, livestreaming, a lot of people don’t get paid unless they’re livestreaming. So unless they’re on there getting donations, getting subs, if they take a break for, like, one week or two, it’s like they automatically see a dip in their subs and their income because they’re actively not on the platform entertaining. And then


there’s what I call “passive income” and then passive income is what I, like, the ad revenue, I would say, that you can generate from a Youtube, um, for select creators, you can on, uh, Facebook and if you’re partnered, um, on Twitch. That’s another thing: if you don’t want to be on stream for a good chunk of your time or life or whatever, that is gonna heavily impact which platform you use. Because if would be silly, if you don’t like streaming, like, at least once a week, it would be silly to build your community on Twitch.

SEEK3R Mm-hmm.

SHARKY Because that’s how they thrive, that’s how people

make money, by always being on stream. You might really want to look into creating videos on Youtube and building a community on, um, Facebook to where, even though you’re not, like, livestreaming, you’re still engaging your community in other ways. You know, you could also upload videos, you could share your Youtube videos, like, there’s still ways that you can engage with your community and if it grows, you’ll be able to monetize that community, too, just as you could through a sub button and donations through livestream.

SEEK3R Right, there’s way too many options.


SEEK3R And, um, again, this is only the first in the

series, so you know, um, we gonna get into all of that. Actually, like, we’re gonna wrap up because, we’re gonna-we’re gonna start going on-I will say, um, final thoughts, again, if you have questions, definitely use the TM Pod hashtag. If you’re listening and you have any feedback for us, heck, if you wanna leave us a review, whatever, we’re here for it. Hit us up, let us know. You guys know that we’re super, super accessible, um, to you guys on Twitter. Um…[LAUGHS]

SHARKY Yeah. On Twitter. [LAUGHS]

SEEK3R On Twitter. Let me just make that clear…

SHARKY And our Twitter is Thumbstick Mafia, so @Thumbstick



SEEK3R Thumbstick Mafia, yes. Um, and then the other

hashtag to remind you is…

SHARKY Oh! Uh, yeah, so it’s “Thumbstick News You Should

Know”, so that’s T-M-N-Y-S…



SEEK3R It’s alright. We’re-we’re gonna get there, it’s

new, so definitely check that out, we’re-we’re also starting to roll out, like, our new, like, written content and articles we actually have, uh, guest posts up right now by our very own SharkysHood, so definitely, uh, check the Thumbstick Mafia website as well. We are bringing you more content than just the podcast, I know sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in the podcast, ‘cause, you know, we dope, um, but we-we are gonna be rolling back out, also, articles and new features are also coming, so look out for that.


SEEK3R We have lots and lots and lots of stuff planned,

um, for y’all. Oh, and a quite note, um, ‘cause y’all got me fucked up and I just needed to, like, mention this: so because of the incessant complaining and just seeing that there was, like, a lack of a certain type of community that was, you know, co-ed, so to speak, for black men and black women, women of color, men of color, to hang out and game, I created Defenders of Light. Now, Defenders of Light is there, but I just need y’all to understand that it is not 100%, like, a priority the way that Thumbstick Mafia is a priority, y’all want me to make a website and like, get a Twitter account for it, absolutely not. Defenders of Light is there so that you can utilize the community to find and connect with other gamers. It is not there for you to have access to the ladies of Thumbstick Mafia, it is not there for you to have access to me personally, I’m not gonna get on and game with you just because we’re all in the Defenders of Light. It’s there and was created because the community said that there was no space for both men and women and they wanted a space where you could meet up and hang out and squad up. So, go ahead, join the club on PSN, join the club on Xbox One, but don’t join the club and sit and wait. Join the club and


actively use it for what it’s supposed to be used for. Do y’all wanna squad up or were you all just complaining because something was created for black women and women of color? That’s what I’m tryna understand.


SEEK3R So I hope-I hope that makes it very, very clear and

now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I wanna remind the ladies: Ladies, the Thumbstick Mafia clan group, club, community, whatever, we’re both on Xbox One and on PSN. You ladies get my attention, you hit me up personally on ChasingLux if you need my gamertags, if you need any information and we’ll be adding you and, yes, I do make sure that you are a black woman or a woman of color or, you know, a trans woman of-of color, or black trans woman because that’s really what we’re about. If you are a man and you’re trying to get into the Thumbstick Mafia, um, clans, that’s not gonna work out. I will publicly embarrass you. Go to Defenders of Light. This was a public service announcement. [LAUGHS]

SHARKY [LAUGHS] Alright, then. And don’t forget you can

check me out on all social media under SharkysHood. [LAUGHS]

SEEK3R [LAUGHS] Sharky’s like, okay, I gotta lighten that

up a bit. Hold on, let me laugh a little bit. Okay. No, yeah, now we can close. Okay, guys! Um, so definitely check out the website, ThumbstickMafia.com, um, @ThumbstickMafia is the Twitter, um, my personal is, um, @ChasingLux on all social media.

SHARKY Mm-hmm.

SEEK3R Sharky, go ‘head, give the people your info.


SHARKY [LAUGHS] Everything under mine is SharkysHood and please, please, please, please, ‘cause Bentley is snitching on y’all, please check out the articles that I post, ‘cause I’m telling y’all right now, I can tell when y’all keep up on what’s going on and when y’all haven’t and I’m not entertaining conversations if you are not keeping up with what’s going on in the industry. I do not have time when I


am spending a good chunk of my time providing articles for you to read in your spare time.

SEEK3R Bloop! And we’re gonna end it on that note, drop

the mic on that.

SHARKY Alright, bye. [LAUGHS]



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