On July 24th, Twitch announced Creator Camp via their blog.

It is a defined as an initiative to provide streamers and content creators with the tools they need to not only grow, but succeed. The aim is to put all of the resources in one place so there is no time wasted.

Creator Camp has already been introduced in your Dashboard Tool Bar, which you can find once you pull up your Dashboard.

You can take a look at your full dashboard load out below in the screen capture. If you are not already familiar with the options and tools there, you are doing yourself a great disservice, so please take some time to read through all of the metrics and information there if you have not already.

When you’re ready to check it out, the Creator Camp page launches into it’s own mini hub that has four main categories: Learn the Basics, Level Up, Connect and Engage and Get Rewarded.

I don’t want to give too much away, but they’ve done a great job so far of introducing topics that we all eventually need to discuss and engage with at some point during our time creating.

They also have a Learn Live section where they have scheduled dates and times. They will be pulling experts in content creation, partners and staff into the conversation. I’ve noticed that they’ve been using the recently selected Twitch Ambassadors to be involved in this process and it warms my heart!

The upcoming live events are: Up Next: Campfire Chat (7/31) and Up Next: Finding your Niche on Twitch(8/6).  The VODS will be available if you miss the live event – so you can always catch up. It even allows you to set a reminder via the site.

It’s great that Twitch has recognized that there was a void culturally on the platform surrounding the real, true pathways to success as a content creator.

I hope moving forward, that we will see some conversations centered around some of the more toxic aspects of streaming culture as it has developed on Twitch and how we can make it a better space for marginalized folks but, this is a great start.

What do you think about Twitch’s Creator Camp? What topics would you like to see explored?

Written by: Seekr 



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