Promote Your Channel Here!

TMShare is an initiative where we try to find the best ways to highlight the various Black Women/Women of Color video game content creators. It started with us highlighting channel trailers on our Twitter account by using the hashtag TMShare. We have decided to expand this initiative to our website where we will have posts of the various channel trailers Black women and Women of Color creators submit.

If you would like to have your content featured, all we ask is that you create a trailer for your channel, provide a summary (325 characters or less) about you and your channel, links to all your social media and live-stream platforms, website and any specific tags you would like to be classified under. You must identify as either a Black Woman or Woman of Color.

Appropriately tagging your content is extremely important. The purpose of the tags is to make the search process for visitors easier. Some things to consider when writing your tags are:

  • Platforms you use to post content such as Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Facebook Live.
  • Specific game genres viewers are most likely to see on your channel.
    • Do you mostly play life simulation games like the Sims?
    • Shooters, Mobas, Fighting etc.
  • Main console (PC, PS4, Xbox or Nintendo)
  • Would you like to have a tag that informs people you are a part of the LGBT community?
    • There will be the broad the tag and other tags that will reflect the various identities within the LGBT community.

We are trying to get a general consensus on the type of tags the community would like to see and try to create a standardized list from there.

We hope this effort will be a great starting to help people find Black Women and Women of Color video game content creators.

Submit your trailers here.


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