When it comes to our Thumbstick Mafia Twitter account, we are consistently in talks about the best ways to promote Black Women, and Women of Color, video game content creators. When we initially started, we would retweet and shout out Twitch links whenever someone was live. Slowly, we started to notice that the account was quickly becoming another Retweet/bot account and that is not what we wanted. We saw how those bot accounts received very little engagement from the community and we wanted more for our creators.

Last year, we did a quarterly push to encourage people to share their favorite Twitch clip moments from Black women or Women of Color streamers. There was definitely an uptick in engagement. However, we started to notice the same few people would participate in these clip sharing moments. In addition, with Twitch’s old Twitter card format, you would have to manually click out of Twitter and on to Twitch to see the video; on some apps. To be honest, a lot of people aren’t willing to do that for a clip. They want to watch their video and keep it moving.  

This past December we did #Gameshare2017 and tried to use Twitter media studio to help boost engagement on videos. Through Twitter media studio, creators could send us their favorite clips from the year and we would post them on our Twitter account using the hashtag. Unfortunately, during the event the entire media studio library went down. However we were able to download and upload clips on the account with permission from the creators. The reaction to those videos was a lot better.

Since #Gameshare2017, we’ve been trying to figure out how to implement something similar more regularly. We were first going to stick with Twitter media studio. However, Twitter media studio is a pain to sign up for. Although, it is free and available for everyone to use, they do not make it easy. In addition, we were concerned the library would shut down again when we needed it.  

Thankfully, Twitch has made an update to their Twitter Video cards so now Twitch clip links auto-play on Twitter’s website and mobile apps. In short, the video cards looks as if we uploaded the video directly with the addition of a small section at that bottom that displays Twitch information. With this recent change, we can start the process of sharing Twitch clips on our account with relative ease.

Now, this is great news for Twitch streamers but what about those who are on Mixer, YouTube and other platforms? Well, for those that use other platforms, we will allow clips submissions through Twitter’s media studio. The Media Studio sign up process has been easy for some and really hard for others. Also, you may experience a wait before media studio is available for your profile. The latest article we used to help people sign up for media studio is here. Twitter has already changed the process for signing up twice so get a head start on getting Media studio before they change the process again.

We are really excited for this new venture with the Thumbstick Mafia Twitter account. We hope this can be very beneficial to you all as creators. We want you to have fun with your clips and video submissions. We will try to think of different themes to shake things up each month. Also, please keep in mind that we will be tagging game developers in our tweets. We want them to know that yes there are Black women, and women of color, gamers creating content and they no longer have an excuse to ignore us.

If you are interested in submitting your clips, then checkout the link here.


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