From the Desk of Thumbstick Mafia

There are some stories that are being brought to light in the Twitch community of abuse and sexual assault. So far there have been a few and more are expected so, please be cautious in how you navigate twitter + twitch if you have triggers. 

We will be making ourselves available via multiple platforms so we offer a space for fellowship and discussion.

We stand with the women and men coming forward with their stories of sexual assault and abuse. We see you.
To the Community Leaders:  Let’s work toward creating a better and safer space for ourselves and each other.
What is your Community offering that fosters the environment of a safe space?

If you are a Community leader, what steps are you taking to ensure your Community members feel safe or are informed? 

Are you fostering conversations that aid in maintaining said safe community?

Need to talk? You can reach us via:
Discord: Email / DM for link.
The Thumbstick Mafia Discord is a protected space – you must be a bw or woc to join/enter.  We do have a co-ed server as well so you won’t be left out if you need us – please specify.
Twitter DM:  @thumbstickmafia @chasinglux @sharkyshood


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