Back again with another bonus episode. If you are content creator on YouTube, or a regularly YouTube watcher, then you probably heard of the dreaded Adpocalypse. If not then here is a quick rundown:

  1. Companies found out a few ads were placed on content that was offensive.
  2. Big name companies started remove their ad dollars from YouTube.
  3. YouTube made changes to their monetization guidelines to ease advertisers concerns that this would never happen again.
  4. With the new changes some creators noticed a good chunk of their videos were being demonetized.
  5. Since YouTube guidelines are pretty vague, creators are pretty much left in the dark on what is and isn’t considered “advertiser-friendly” content.    

In this Episode, Sharky shares her thoughts on the changes YouTube is making and how we need to consider expanding criticism of the fallout from YouTube’s adpocalypse.


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Articles referenced:
Google uncovers that Russian-bought ads were found on YouTube, Gmail and other platforms.

YouTube creators seek an explanation on why their videos on the Las Nevada tragedy were demonetized and yet the YouTube channel for the Jimmy Kimmel Show was able to monetize the video of his speech about the incident.

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