Special Episode- Study Your CraftBreak? What break? Ya’ll gon’ take this new content g.

Sharkyshood and Seek3r here with a special episode for ya’ll: Study Your Craft. We were inspired to do this episode after we watched 30 for 30: XFL and saw the rise and fall of a good idea and how failure doesn’t mean that you didn’t have an impact.


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Why is studying your craft important?
Studying your craft means looking at the larger picture and paying attention to the culture of the platforms you use as well as the news and announcements as well as having a good handle on the resources you have at your disposal and how you can use them – this is also not limited to learning in your area of expertise  as what you consume will start to inform what you do.

Without study, your growth and improvement will be limited.

Important to Note:

  • Things my fluctuate in experimental phases but that doesn’t mean failure – growing pains are natural and necessary.
  • Get ahead of the trends so you can figure out a way that makes them work for you. It’s important for you to find and continue define your style as you continue to grow in vision.
  • Every business has a customer service element, what is yours? How do you navigate that?

We also discuss: Why we thought it was important to discuss Disney XD’s programming block and what it means and can mean for the culture, limiting your potential and setting up your google alerts.

Show Notes – Here are the shows we watched / discussed:
30 for 30: XFL | Documentary on the XFL, a short lived alternate Football League, spearheaded by Vince McMahon of WWE fame.
Parker’s Plays | Let’s Play | 30 mins | Sketch Comedy,Game play
Solaris | Variety Game Show | 30 mins | Comedy
The Attack | Variety Game Show | 30 mins | Comedy, News
The IGN Show | News + Culture Round up |  30 mins | Comedy, News, E-sports

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Thanks for listening!



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