Hey Ya’ll!

We have exciting news, we’ve finally launched our Patreon! You can view it here: Patreon.com/thumbstickmafia

Sharkyshood and I, as you know are very passionate about gaming culture from the perspective black women and woc in the industry. We recently announced our Mid Season break from the Podcast as we would like to take a step back and re-analyze what  the next steps are as our vision is growing and expanding along with the community we support.

Reasons to Support

  • Help us to continue to provide timely, nuanced  information on the culture and resources through the Thumbstick Mafia Podcast and Website and keep that essential knowledge free for our community.
  • Support our efforts to better promote Black Women and Women of color in multimedia video game content creating.
  • Provide us with the ability to properly pay people for their services- graphics, music, writing as we would like to expand and open up our website to contributors to better cover all gaming subcultures.
  • Cover the costs of maintaining the podcast, website and software needed to produce it.

Future Goals

  • Community outreach to young women interesting in games / gaming industry.
  • Create an esports hub for bw and woc.
  • Create an bw or woc e-sports teams – We plan to support all e-sports gaming genres.
    • Regional teams – long term plan
  • Sponsor bw and woc gamers so they can attend tournaments / events.
  • Create gaming events and fellowship experiences for BW + WOC gamers.
  • Build and Maintain a searchable directory of BW and WOC gamers, content creators, streamers and game developers.
  • Help fund and develop future  multimedia content centering BW and WOC  while using the available resources of our built in network.

We want to keep providing you with the best gaming culture content as well as develop and showcase the huge amount of talent we’ve come across and likely to find as we continue to grow and as you know, these things do have a monetary cost. We are lucky to have our Network for support but, to really bring our vision to life, we need to be realistic about what we need to get there.

We want to thank you for listening to us over the years – whether you’ve been a long standing fan of the Thumbstick Mafia Podcast or enjoy our culture articles and hope we can continue to make content that challenges and showcases more talent than just ours.

With love,
Sharky + Seek3r


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