Welcome back to another episode of the Thumbstick Mafia Podcast! In Season 2, Episode 9 we wrap up our conversation with Simply Undrea by talking about creating a space for your Team and what accountability looks like in that space. We also discuss the difference between comparison and inspiration and why it’s important to know the difference.

We would like to take the time to thank Simply Undrea for hanging with us during this extended mini series on Community and Team Building as a content creator. You can keep up with her: SimplyUndrea | |

In this Episode, we also discuss breaking news in the e-sports and tech world as well as announce our Mid-Season break and what that means.

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Twitch announces Twitch Extensions: Integrated features that allow you to make your stream interactive. Some features are basic UI customization changes like Overlays and Game Wisp integrations while others are game specific like Destiny Tracker, Overwatch stats and the ability to see your deck in Hearthstone. Check out the link for a full list of features.

Taking a page from Mixer’s Book, Twitch also announced a Developer Trello Roadmap so you can keep track of upcoming plans and implementation.

Mixer also had news; Announcing Interactive 2.0 – A lot of the changes are backend focused. We get the idea that Mixer is attempting to set themselves apart with the interactive aspect of the platform by allowing high levels of customization. This will allow the coders and techies to really flex their abilities. Their example of this is the integration with Killing Floor 2.

Discord also had some news for the hat; they are announcing the roll out of video chat and screen sharing. Discord is quickly becoming a one stop shop for gamers – with this integration of video chat, we won’t have much use for skype or gchat except if we’re talking to non-gamers of course.

E-sports news has been trending – keep an eye on these companies:
Disney buys majority ownership in Riot Games partner BAMTech.
How streaming is taking esports to the major leagues.
Twitch signs a deal with Blizzard to host 20 major esports events on the platform.
Spliff – mobile esports company acquires patent for mobile streaming and tournament technology.

We’re going on break; what does that mean?
We will not be posting episodes of the Thumbstick Mafia Podcast while on break. We do not have an official return date but we will keep you posted. There will be features/ articles posted on the website and we will continue to add to the #TMNYSK tag and promote the #TMShare tag. Our posting frequency on Social Media might be low but we will be posting and available if you have questions / need advice or resources.

Why a break?
Focus. We like to lead by example and take our own advice. We have lots of plans for Thumbstick Mafia and we need the time to do the work necessary – not just the work for TM but our personal work.  

One of our pressing goals is to sponsor gamers so they can attend events and tournaments and eventually have our own e-sports team. While we are away, we will be working on how we can support the members in our community have similar goals. If you are interested in partnering with us or have recommendations/resources – you can reach us at: or @thumbstickmafia

We have many other ideas that we would like to explore and implement so we’ll be here, just not posting episodes.

Thank you for all the listens, downloads, RTs and feedback during the first half of the season. We look forward to coming back with new, dope content for you to enjoy.

#TMPod tag is still the official hashtag for the show! If you have comments, questions, would like to suggest a guest or a topic – please use the hashtag so we can keep track or you can email us: | Follow us on Twitter



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