Building your Team

We are joined by Special Guest; Undrea of Simply Undrea | an experienced streamer and content creator as well as Brand Ambassador and Community Manager.

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Building Your Brand Off Your Main Platform
What happens to your brand if your mainstream streaming platform discontinues service for some reason. Will your community be able to still find you? In addition, if you need off stream help do you have a group of reliable supporters to be there for you.

Setting Boundaries and IRL streaming on Twitch
With IRL streaming being fairly new, on Twitch, a lot of streamers are hopping on board to help grow their following with no real thought to the level of access they are providing. Establishing boundaries helps to protect you and your community.  

Building Your Team
There is a huge differences between your followers, your team and your friends. Just because someone is in your stream all the time that does not mean they will be a good member of your team. Establishing boundaries means the type of relationships you build in this industry will vary and that is ok. Your team is there to check in on you and to help you strengthen your weak points.

Evaluating Strengths and Weaknesses
Your team members should complement you. Having a team with members that are all good at the same things is not the best move.  Undrea talks about the process she went through to find her current team and how you should plan for the long run when it comes to team building.

It’s Ok To Say “No” to Nice Things
Setting boundaries when it comes to the tasks you are willing to take is just as important as setting boundaries with people. Undrea talks about how taking on too many tasks started to have a negative impact on her health. Undrea’s message is similar to the message Myleik Teele of “My Taught You” talked about her “My Birthday Podcast” episode.

Thank you for listening!
Again we would like to thank our special guest Simply Undrea for joining us. She can be found on the following:
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