Copy of Managing and Repurposing Your Content (10)

On S2E5 we discussed vision. This leads right into developing your vision into a community and the importance of Team and Community Building.  We are joined by Special Guest; Undrea of Simply Undrea | an experienced streamer and content creator as well as Brand Ambassador and Community Manager.

Community: What you are building.
Team: Who you are building it with.

It’s wise to know WHAT you are trying to build before you start including others in your vision.  Ensuring that the folks that are your support system not only understand, but support and complement your vision is important.

Understand that your vision will change and grow as you do but vision and intention are essential to continued success.

How do we build a community?

  • Good Content
  • Engagement
  • Outreach
  • Retention

Maintain it? How do you select your team members? These are the questions we want you to ask  yourself and hopefully our discussion will lead you in the direction of those answers.

Again we would like to thank you guest Simply Undrea for joining us. She can be found on the following:
Website | Twitter | Youtube | Twitch | Instagram

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