Managing and Repurposing Your Content

We’re back and we’re always here with the hotness so, without further delays, we present – #TMPod S2E4 – Managing and Re-purposing Content.  Another week of @sharkyshood and @chasinglux covering a bit more of the business end of things.

This is a continuation of our Series that has been covering the back end business of content creation and broadcasting. Not caught up? No worries, you’re only three episodes behind. You can catch up here: Season 2

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Managing your Content:
Your content is whatever you’re creating – whether it’s a live stream, podcast, YT videos etc. We want to narrow in on the live streamers a bit this episode and discuss what happens after you press “End Broadcast”

Are you a streamer? If yes, what happens to your stream content once you’re offline? Do you use the VOD for the streaming platform you use to create clips or highlights?

Are you a content creator? What happens after you post a video?
What do you do to promote your content outside of the platform that you stream or post content to?

In this podcast we discuss the importance of reviewing your content, creating clips, exporting and sharing clips across multiple platforms as well as having an anchor site/ home for your content. In short, how to market your gaming live-streams so your can grow Twitch, Youtube, or Mixer audience.


Channel Trailers:
We introduce a focused and effective way to market yourself as a gaming content creator via the Channel Trailers on YouTube. Not sure how to go about making one? No worries, we’ve got you covered: Channel Trailer Tutorial

In your trailer, let us know a little bit about yourself and the games you like to play. Some creators strictly upload life simulation videos, other FPS and some fgc. If you are a variety streamer, state the types of games you mostly like to upload. Puzzles, RPG adventure – don’t limit yourself – stunt a lil. Make sure to use the hashtag #TMShare in the description box of your channel trailer so we can easily find it and share.


Cross Platform Name Checking: NameChecker

The awesome content creator we shouted out in this episode is none other than the awesome, @missdoitbig – You can find her on Twitch | YouTube

Seek3r will be at BlerdConDC at the end of the month repping with the awesome ladies of #BlackGirlGamers for our second panel on Creating a Safe Space for BW in Gaming. For more info, keep an eye on the BGG Twitter Account.

#TMPod is the official hashtag for the show! If you have comments, questions, would like to suggest a guest or a topic – please use the hashtag so we can keep track or you can email us: | Follow us on Twitter





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