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Diversity is a topic we continue to talk around – yes, we have seen some change – with the advent of movements that hope to bring that conversation to the consumer, as well as turn it inward to the developers, writers, gamers and the Game Industry at large. 

This is not a post debating whether or not diversity is necessary – I’m writing this under the assumption that most readers are aware of the benefits of being inclusive as well as acknowledging that diversity does not mean “insert black woman or man here’.

With that out-of-the-way – I do feel like there needs to be a shift in conversation. We’ve started to instigate change, but now that we have diversity, what do we do with it?


No, not blind support – focused support. Yes, there is a difference. I’m not asking you to spend your hard-earned money on media that you do not like just because the creators or people associated are diverse – start by finding what you like. (Sidebar: Can we stop hate watching shows just to complain about it on the TL or nah?)

You consume entertainment – daily, weekly and monthly; whether it’s a gaming stream, a YT channel, a Podcast, Twitter Page, FB Page or website. How do you give back?

If you do not embrace diverse options with your RTs, Likes, Views, Clicks and financial contribution, you’re effectively saying – it’s not good enough for me to pay into. That isn’t support, its consumption.

This issue does have multiple heads that always seem to grow back – as black creators we already struggle with our own idea of self worth, at a time where Liberal Arts is seen as a complete waste of time and you must continue to prove that you’re not in anyway like the stereotype.

Why does it seem like we don’t support our own on a larger scale? Why is the assumption that black owned, run, directed, written, acted, created etc is “less” than? Why does everything need to be perfection when coming from diverse sources when mediocrity is quite frankly; the norm?

Usually this turns into a debate for some – “Why pay when I can get it for free?” Or “I work hard for my money, you should get a job” – the multimedia you consume is someone’s job – you’re asking them to work for free. It’s always interesting to watch how offended some people can be when they interact with their favorite content creators on social media – noting any deviation from schedule, not always with regard for the person they are reaching out to, but in search of the content they are accustomed to.
This idea that we shouldn’t get financially compensated for our “passions” because we “love” it versus someone who dislikes their job / career is a fallacy.  

Respect our work, our time, our creativity, our drive to give you something that entertains and uplifts you.


Writer: Seeker



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