What is Layla and Shemar’s Playhouse?

Layla and Shemar are the next generation of Let’s Players. This channel was created by their Aunt Xmiramira who also creates funny let’s play videosSim content and is the creator of The Black Simmer forum. These little cuties have stolen my heart and they are HILARIOUS. I am extremely happy to see game let’s play videos for kids BY kids. As soon as Squish is old enough to understand and watch let’s play videos, he will be watching this channel.

I truly adored watching this sibling duo interact with each other during their minecraft game-play. There was one scene were Layla was roaming through a dark cave, scared. Shemar was right by his sister’s side saying “There’s nothing to be afraid of.” TOO MUCH CUTE. Then there was another scene where Layla was running away from some invader. Right before she made her great escape, she said “Bye, Felicia. I’m flying. See you when I see you.” BURY ME A G BECAUSE I AM DONE. If you have little ones who are interested in watching Let’s Play videos, then have them checkout Layla and Shemar.

The kiddies definitely need love, too. If you know of any other gaming channels that feature children of color, then shout them out in the comment section.


Our Guest Writer is none other than Thumbstick Mafia’s Co-founder Sharkyshood. You can find her on her website, twitter or whenever she blesses us on stream or YT.
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