Thumbstick Mafia Podcast: Ep 3 – Sharky & The Sims

On this episode Sharkyshood and Seeker talk The Sims, EA, Black Simblr, YouTube Changes, Rise of Iron, Netflix Recommendations and more!

Our Round Table this week :
Sharkyshood: Twitter | Twitch | Tumblr
Seeker: Twitter | Twitch | Tumblr 

Episode 3 – Listen Here

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As discussed on the Show:

Sharkyshood’s Cider Rules Playlist:

Sharkyshood Twitter List of Favorite Custom Content: 

Destiny: Rise of Iron DLC

Thumbstick Mafia Destiny Clan  – We also have  X1 Clubhouse – Search: Thumbstick Mafia and request to join.

Thanks for listening! We look forward to your feedback!


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