Dual Streaming is a great way to connect with your viewers and fellow casters, it can certainly help with the pressure of having to carry the energy of the stream by yourself; especially during long broadcasts as well as introduce your community to other content creators they might also enjoy.

With that said – there are lots of streamers who prefer to stream alone. It’s important to respect that once the boundary has been established.

IF you are interested on how to enhance your casting experience by way of Dual Streaming, then I’m here to help. I’m assuming you’ve already read the previous articles in the Gaming Basics Series: Party Conduct + Team Morale & Call Outs  as this continues to build on the etiquette in console gaming culture.


Ideally, your aim should be to build a relationship with that streamer and streaming community before you ask or so that you can learn preferences.

DON’T ask a streamer you’re speaking to for the first time to dual stream with you in their chat. 

I always advise to ask privately via whisper, private message or whatever their preferred method of contact is versus the private chat of the stream.  It’s rude to put someone, who you may not even know in a position where they are forced to make that decision openly and publicly.

If it’s a yes – great but don’t internalize a no.

DON’T assume that you are entitled to share stream space with someone because you look up to them or frequent stream. Also, responding in a negative way when someone sets a boundary, only furthers their confidence in their decision regarding you.

Assuming you have built a rapport with a streamer or their community enough and it’s around a team based game DO play with them before hand – be an associate that they game with, so you can evaluate your compatibility. Most Dual Streaming relationships are formed naturally based on great chemistry. It’s not a partnership if it’s not beneficial to all.

If it doesn’t come up naturally and you believe it can work – do bring it up privately. Be sure to create an understanding that a “negative” response does not change how you think of that person or whether or not you will support them.  While it may hurt your feelings that someone says no, it doesn’t mean that they become a bad person, streamer or gamer if they know what will work for them.

Consider when approaching streamers who have more reach / views than you – who you are a stranger to; they have no way of assessing whether you’re another person trying to ride their coattails or if you’re genuinely interested in them, their community and building a partnership.


Upon successful completion of finding a dual stream partner or group, here are some basics:

Live Dual Streaming Rules:

  • If a time is set – be early. Especially if it’s a group versus, a true dual stream. As content creators, streamers etc – we know that things don’t always go as planned.
  • Set up a multi-stream links so your community can really get the full experience. This is also a great way to cross promote and support each other.
  • Be mindful of over talking – remember that as streamers we are communicating with chat as well as each other. When there are multiple streamers in a party, we must find room for each other so no community gets ignored.
  • Announce to all non-streamers in your party or group that you will be dual streaming or are in the process of doing so if they join mid way through. For those of you streaming through cap cards, they will not get a notification via console – give them the opportunity to make that decision.
  • If at any time your fellow caster does, says or acts in an acceptable way – address it immediately (privately) if possible to ensure that you’re always on the same page and that your respecting the shared space that you’re building.
  • Continue to mutually invest in the channels and casters who do the same for you.
  • Have fun!


TL:DR: Even streamers who love to dual stream or multi stream sometimes need their own space and a break – be mindful, ask questions, be considerate at all times. Your priority should always be about building relationships and community .







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