Gaming Basics: Party Conduct

Chances are, you’re not new to Xbox Live or Playstation Plus but if you are – both are subscription services that allow you to play video games online with friends and strangers alike.  While some games have different terms for the group in-game – both Xbox Live and Playstation have a voice chat system built into the console itself, which means; you can choose to keep your conversations private (at least, out of the game chat itself) and even talk to other people while you’re playing different games.

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Since I mainly use Xbox Live, that will be the focus of this but the rules apply to any voice chat over console whether it’s PSN, Discord, Team Speak or Xbox Live.

Think of a Party as the door to someone’s home.If it’s invite only – I’m sure they meant for it to be – want to be included? Send them a message (not party invite) asking for an invite – please note that asking for an invite and wanting to be in the party is not something you’re entitled to. If you don’t get a response, or an invite after your message – charge it to the game. It’s not a conspiracy to keep you away from the fun.

If the party is open – think about the rapport you already have with the person you know in the party. How many people do you know in the party? Act accordingly, you a reflection of the people in the party if there is a mix of friends and new names.

An open party does not mean you won’t get kicked. Being invited to a party doesn’t mean you won’t get kicked. Here’s a helpful hint; if you got booted from a party, it might be you – probably you that either played terribly or said something that warranted the ole’ boot. (If I’m not honest with you, who will be?)

If you get kicked from the party – don’t be offended or do – depending on if you were being offensive. The owner of the party is the King in their castle, they are allowed to act as such. You can always – start your own parties and curate it to your liking, don’t forget that is an option.

Be sure to say hello when you join. This is critical. If someone is mid-sentence or there is a heated discussion going on, give the person speaking a few to get their thought out and then say your hellos.

Here are some basic DO’s and DON’Ts

  • Do: Say hello to everyone in the party – this is mandatory. Do this every single time you enter a party. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Yes, I know I said this twice. 
  • Don’t: If you don’t know everyone in the party, don’t get too familiar too quickly. Take your time and make a connection with other folks in the group.
  • Do: Be yourself. Start to introduce your boundaries, as they come up about what your likes and dislikes are – the flip side of that is to pay attention to the boundaries that others set for you as well. Some folks don’t like cursing, certain derogatory words etc – be mindful of the setting you’re in. ESPECIALLY if you’re in the party with a Caster.
  • Don’t: be a chatty patty Don’t be the person who can’t let anyone else get a word in. It’s not a conversation if you’re the only person talking.
  • Do: If you are a broadcaster / content creator – be sure to inform everyone in your party. It is their right to opt out of broadcasting their voice for your stream.
  • Don’t: Start broadcasting or recording without discussing it with your party members first. In this conversation, be sure to let them know what words / behavior is unacceptable.


Well curated parties are fun and are huge part for making gaming fun. Party responsibly.

Written By: Anastasia


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