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May 2016

Gaming Basics: Team Morale & Call Outs

While I love and appreciate single player gaming – this geared toward multiplayer online games such as (but not limited to) Halo, Destiny, League of Legends, COD, Rainbow 6, Smite, Overwatch, CS Go et al.

Team Morale would be the heart of the team. In games genres where team composition matters and where an individual decision can throw a game we must learn to separate the negative feelings and outbursts, especially if it takes the place of you calling out. It’s valid, warranted and expected, however if it replaces call outs then you’re doing your team a disservice. Continue reading “Gaming Basics: Team Morale & Call Outs”

Gaming Basics: Party Conduct

Chances are, you’re not new to Xbox Live or Playstation Plus but if you are – both are subscription services that allow you to play video games online with friends and strangers alike.  While some games have different terms for the group in-game – both Xbox Live and Playstation have a voice chat system built into the console itself, which means; you can choose to keep your conversations private (at least, out of the game chat itself) and even talk to other people while you’re playing different games.

Destiny513 Screenshot 2016-05-14 12-12-20 (2)

Since I mainly use Xbox Live, that will be the focus of this but the rules apply to any voice chat over console whether it’s PSN, Discord, Team Speak or Xbox Live.

Think of a Party as the door to someone’s home. Continue reading “Gaming Basics: Party Conduct”

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