TM Spotlight: SupaDupaCurl

ThumbstickMafia is dedicated to supporting and promoting diverse women in gaming – we’re happy to introduce a spotlight to gamers, content creators, streamers, developers and members of the industry.

This week, we’re excited to introduce another pillar of the Thumbstick Mafia community: SupaDupaCurl

In her own words: Hi 🙂 I’m J a.k.a. SupaDupaCurl, I’m a British born Caribbean bilingual gamer from LAANDAAN (London).  Gaming has always been  my favourite past time but I only recently started streaming & recording etc.  I play mostly on PS4 but do enjoy the odd PC game from time to time.   I also have a group on Facebook called Black Girl Gamers and partake in ThreeFifs Podcast from time to time.  I like food, music, blogging, turning up, discussions, clothes, shoes, gaming, movies, SOME anime. That’s me lol I also blog about natural hair which is my other biggest past time.


Let’s get the basics out of the way:

Tell us how you got into to content creating / broadcasting?
I noticed I was watching other channels but couldn’t find many that were run by women like me and so decided to be the change I wanted to see.   I started on Youtube first, just recording and editing and then twitch naturally followed.   I still use my YouTube channel for exclusive Let’s Play content, and Twitch I use just when I’m randomly gaming.  Simultaneously I joined Twitter and came across some really DOPE black gamers like Seekr and so I must take the time to thank them for welcoming me into the scene so warmly.  Thank you to @asiaelle @ljay90, @cypheroftyr @tokenpsycho @sharkyshood @_angelicBarbie_ @princess_neshh   @melinasarcade

What is your posting / streaming schedule like?
Random, like me.   With work, blogging, family & friends, my schedule doesn’t exist lol.  I do tweet when I’m about to stream or I tweet out my YouTube videos when they’re up.   I may start doing a Let’s Play on Twitch when I find a game I’m willing to commit to.

What game was the most difficult for you to complete on stream and why?Girl the Witcher 3 DLC let’s play because it’s damn long!  That said, I’m not streaming it, I edit and then upload to my YouTube channel so that’s probably why it’s so long. But it’s fun so it’s not an unenjoyable ‘difficult’.  

What game or game type would you recommend to a new gamer?
Fantasy (MMO)RPGS, they’re some of the most complex games out there and once you can navigate those, it may be easier for you to navigate other RPGs.  Halo for people new to FPS.

How do you choose which games to cast?
I just choose games I like.

What is your end goal with streaming?
To make my channel, a space that people like me especially women, can come, chill, crack jokes and appreciate/participate in black gaming culture.  

What do do you think about the current state of streamer culture?
Meh.  Some male streamers make really lazy, chauvinistic, racist, X-phobic, ignorant jokes that I just can’t stand by and watch/listen to so I leave.  I’m not supporting someone who finds humour in the pain of others. Women are paving their own path in streaming but it’s still very white male dominated and I think this also speaks volumes about the prevalence of men coming on women channels to troll or prey instead of appreciating the gameplay  and commentary.  Hence why a lot of women choose not to facecam stream.  It gets even more intersectional because for women of colour, you can receive trolly trash statements about your gender, looks AND your race so it’s double as intimidating for women of colour to actually want to Facecam stream.  This is why I want to make my channel a safe place to watch.

Advice for women now coming into gaming / streaming culture?
Seek out other supportive women gamers who understand you to maintain your peace of mind, watch and play with.  That way you start to create a safe space already.

What other projects are you working on?
I’m trying to get a better banner done for the Black Girl Gamers Facebook group.  It’s really picking up as a interactive community which makes me so happy and proud.  I hope to get merchandising done in the future and other bits and pieces to make it more of a tangible community that people feel proud to be a part of.

I also want to do a BGG Streamer of the week event in the group to make it a more interactive and supportive group, I’ll run this past the members first though.

Interests outside of gaming?
I’m also a Natural Hair Blogger which is going quite well.  I’m part of a blogging duo called CURLture with my best friend and we blog about natural hair, culture and empowerment.  We’re hosting events, brand ambassadors and panelists for a touring natural hair event, so this year should be promising!!!

Anything you’d like to add?
Live long and prosper.
Valar Ma’ghulis.

Where can we find you?
Twitter: @supadupacurl
Project: Black Girl Gamers (Facebook Group)



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