TM Spotlight – Sharkyshood

ThumbstickMafia is dedicated to supporting and promoting diverse women in gaming – we’re happy to introduce a spotlight to gamers, content creators, streamers, developers and members of the industry.

For our first spotlight, we’re introducing Sharkyshood; a Broadcaster (Twitch and YT gaming); she also a content developer and regularly uploads Let’s Play style videos.

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Tell us how you got into to content creating / broadcasting?
When I was a young Simmer, one of my biggest dreams was to have the ability to get paid to play “The Sims.” I spent some many hours on the game playing and creating picture stories. A few years ago, I came across you Let’s Player by the name of Andrew Arcade. I was in awe of his Sim Let’s Play and through his channel I found out about Twitch. Around that same time, I ended up losing my job. I had quite a bit of money saved up so I went ahead and decided to make my childhood dream come true.

What is your posting / streaming schedule like?
Current schedule is Mon-Thursday. 10am-12pm ET and 7pm-9pm ET.

What game was the most difficult for you to complete on stream and why?
The most difficult game was my first play-through of “Tomb Raider.” I was playing thinking the game was on Easy, or Normal. Nope, the game mode was hard. It took me an entire day to complete one fight scene. I have a few chatters that vividly remember that infamous play-through.

What is your end goal with streaming?
My end goal is to help foster a community of streamers that have fun and get paid. Even if I don’t become this big time streamer, I would definitely like to help others reach big time streamer status.

Advice for women now coming into gaming / streaming culture?
Do you, boo boo. For real, folks will try and tear you down left and right so do what you have to do to create that space where you can enjoy gaming and streaming.

Anything you’d like to add?
Niggas is taking over clap [on] clap [off]
Where can we find you?


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